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Keeping Your Window Shutters Looking Nice

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There are plenty of things you will love about your windows shutters in Mountain View, CA once you have them installed. They look great and they save you money on your energy bills. Plus, they’re permanent window coverings so they don’t ever have to be replaced. While all that is true, you will also want to take good care of your shutters to keep them looking like new. Here are a few things to protect your investment to make your shutters look great in every season of the year.

Combat Dirt

Shutters might get dirty from time to time. If you have shutters in the kitchen, for example, who knows what might get splattered on them. Dust can also accumulate and turn into dirt if it gets damp. All you really need to do to get rid of dirt is wipe the shutters down on occasion. If a dry cloth doesn’t work, use a mild soap and water and then thoroughly dry them off when you are done. Your shutters will be able to withstand a lot over the years if you care for them well.

Get Rid Of Dust

Shutters don’t attract dust the same way other window treatments do, but they will still get dust on occasion. Like with dirt, you will just need to clean them off on occasion. Simply use a dust wand over them or a soft cloth when you are dusting other things. You can also vacuum them with a soft brush attachment if that’s easier. Get in the habit of doing that as you dust other things and they will stay in great shape.


The sun has a way of fading things, especially when it hits things directly often like window shutters. You don’t want your shutters to lose their appeal from fading. If you get wood shutters, you can refinish them whenever you’d like and even change the color over the years, if you want something different. You can also use preventative measures like regular cleaning to make sure the fading doesn’t happen fast, or at all. If you get new windows at some point, make sure they have a low-E coating on them to completely protect your window shutters for the long haul.

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