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Signs It’s Time To Get New Window Blinds

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Signs It’s Time To Get New Window Blinds

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Most window treatments aren’t permanent fixtures and after years of hard use, they simply wear out and need to be replaced. You may not pay very close attention to your window blinds in San Francisco, CA, but if you start to have issues with them, you will notice certain things. These signs can help you recognize that it may be time to replace those blinds with something new.

Sign 1: Bent or Warped Slats

If your blinds have slats that are bent because someone messed with them, or they are warped because of years of use, they might not block the sun out the way you want them to. They could also be letting energy pass through them, which makes them poor at insulating your house from the hot or cold weather. Consider your options and if the blinds aren’t that old, get something more durable to last longer next time.

Sign 2: Raising And Lowering Is Extra Hard

Raiding and lowering your blinds shouldn’t take much effort. You tug on the cord one direction or the other and let them down or just pull them up. When you have to use a lot of force or you can’t get the blinds to stay in place, there could be some parts that aren’t supporting the blinds any longer. This is a real nuisance and can even be a safety hazard so it’s better to get them replaced.

Sign 3: Frayed Cords

When the cords you use to raise and lower the blinds starts to fray, you know there’s something going on with the internal mechanism. Your blinds could be unstable and set to fall at any moment. Plus, once the cords fray enough, they could break, leaving you with blinds that won’t raise or lower any longer.

Sign 4: Faded Colors

No matter what color your blinds were to begin with, that coloring can start to change. If you got white blinds so they would go with anything you choose to go around them in the future, they can still yellow with age and distort in their pure white color. If you got a darker color, you might notice it lighten as the years go by. And the outside of the blinds may become a different color than the inside since it sees the sun more often. As the fading gets worse, consider new blinds to spruce up the home.

Sign 5: The Trends Have Changed

There are a lot of different trends, even in window blinds. And if your blinds are of a color or style that is no longer ‘in,’ you might want to replace them to keep up with the times.

There are plenty of other signs that can show you that your window blinds in San Francisco, CA need to be replaced and if you aren’t sure one way or the other, the professionals at San Francisco Shutters Co. can help you figure out what direction to take. Call us at (650) 552-9020 or visit our showroom for ideas at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010.