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When Do You Need New Window Coverings?

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When Do You Need New Window Coverings?

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There are some questions that only have one right answer, like those pesky math problems you used to have on tests all the time back in school. But there are other questions that can have a multitude of questions, like when do you need new window coverings in San Francisco, CA? For that, there are no right or wrong answers. But there are a few time frames in which you might consider getting new coverings for your windows. Here are a few to think about:

When Your Home Style Has Changed

If you have decided to upgrade the look of your home and now, your rooms have a nice, modern look, the old curtains and drapes might not fit in any longer. That’s a good chance and a good reason to get new window coverings to carry the new design all the way through the home in a cohesive manner. Any time the home style changes and the window coverings no longer look right, you might need a change there as well.

When You Want To Change The Functions

If you want a window covering that blocks more light and you currently have just a sheer drape over that window, you will have to get a new covering. If you have coverings that block out too much light, or you want versatile options and don’t have them, you can get those changes in a different window covering style. If your current coverings don’t function the way you need them to, it’s a great reason to replace them with something that will.

When The Old Coverings Are Worn Out

When you have blinds that no longer open and close right, shades that are stuck in place, or curtains that are faded and worn, it’s a good time to replace them with something new and fresh. No matter how well you cared for your coverings, eventually, they are going to wear down and need something new to refresh them. You can take this opportunity to get a new style, if you’d like, or stick with something similar to what you have, only new and fresh.

There are plenty of reasons to get new window coverings for your home. These are just a few to consider, but there are many more out there. No matter what you might think is the right reason, the professionals at San Francisco Shutters Co. are ready to help when you want to get new window covering in San Francisco, CA. You can call us to ask initial questions about the options we have at (650) 552-9020. You’re also welcome to come to our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010 to browse our selection, whether you’re ready to move forward with the project right away or you’re just starting to think about the choices you have available to you. Our website is another good place to start for information about us and the options you have to consider. We’re located at Sfshutters.com and we’re happy to help when you need new coverings.