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27 Jan
window coverings in San Jose, CA
What Are Your Window Covering Goals?

There are a lot of areas that might behoove you to have goals. You may have goals in your career, your family life, and even for a home you might want to buy. When you are looking at window coverings in San Jose, CA, do you really need to have goals for those as well?...

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20 Jan
window shades in San Francisco, CA
The Multitude Of Window Shades

When you hear the term ‘shades,’ what comes to mind? Most people have one specific thing they picture when they think about window shades in San Francisco, CA. If you are thinking of replacing your current window coverings with shades, you might expect that style to be your only option. However, there are a lot...

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13 Jan
window shutters in San Francisco, CA
Reasons To Replace Window Coverings With Window Shutters

Everyone has a different style on their home and when you first moved into your house, perhaps you were happy with the window coverings the previous owner chose or maybe you replaced them with something you preferred. Whatever the case may be, the years have passed and you’re thinking about doing something new. There are...

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06 Jan
window blinds in San Francisco, CA
Signs It’s Time To Get New Window Blinds

Most window treatments aren’t permanent fixtures and after years of hard use, they simply wear out and need to be replaced. You may not pay very close attention to your window blinds in San Francisco, CA, but if you start to have issues with them, you will notice certain things. These signs can help you...

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23 Dec
window coverings in San Francisco, CA
When Do You Need New Window Coverings?

There are some questions that only have one right answer, like those pesky math problems you used to have on tests all the time back in school. But there are other questions that can have a multitude of questions, like when do you need new window coverings in San Francisco, CA? For that, there are...

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16 Dec
window shades in Palo Alto, CA
Taking Care Of Window Shades

When you get window shades in Palo Alto, CA, you’re probably going to be thrilled with the aesthetic changes in your home. However, in order to keep things looking nice, you need to care for the shades, so they won’t look worse for the wear sometime down the road. Here are a few tips to...

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09 Dec
window coverings in Palo Alto, CA
Do The Window Coverings Come With The House?

When you buy a new house, there are a lot of questions to ask. During the negotiations, you might go back and forth on a few things. You really want the family to leave the porch swing, but they want to take it. The washer and dryer are staying, but they’re taking the dishwasher…and so...

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02 Dec
window shutters in Palo Alto, CA
Look Into The Future With Window Shutters

Buying new window shutters in Palo Alto, CA is an investment. You want the permanent fixtures to serve your house well. They’ll look nice right away, but you want to have them for decades and use them in a high functioning manner that whole time. When you get shutters, you’ll need to think about now,...

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