4 Reasons Window Shutters will Improve Your Mountain View, CA Home


There are so many reasons why window shutters are appealing for a variety of Mountain View homeowners, it is difficult to narrow down the list to just a few. However, for the sake of being succinct, we have narrowed it down four.

The four basic reasons why you should consider installing wood shutters in your home are: light control, privacy, insulation, and value.

The more homeowners you meet who have installed interior shutters, the more you will realize that they have a long and lasting impact on not only the comfort of your home but also its inherent value.

1. Increase Control over Light

The first issue to discuss happens to be light control. Living in Mountain View, California, we know how wonderful the weather is throughout most of the year. During spring, summer, and fall, a lot of sunlight penetrates the home. This can cause homeowners to spend a lot more money running their air-conditioning systems in order to keep cool.

There are certain films that can be added to the windows to help cut back on ultraviolet radiation, which is the main cause of heating within the home due to sunlight, but having the right window coverings such as shutters, can make a significant difference as well.

A standard shutter over a window, with basic narrow slats, can control light much better than blinds or curtains.

Opening the slats slightly, or angling them up can block out the direct sunlight that tends to heat up the home the most. It can still allow enough light in so that you do not need to have your interior lights on during the day.

If you have split top shutters, you could open one half of the shutters and still keep the other half closed, which can help reduce the amount of sunlight penetrating into the home. Any amount of sunlight that you can cut down on will help to reduce the need for air-conditioning.

2. Provide Enhanced Privacy

The second aspect or benefit of interior shutters is that they offer a greater deal of privacy than other types of window coverings. It is common to think that blinds are similar to shutters in their ability to offer you privacy.

While someone outside your home may not be able to see through thin blinds, they often leave gaps, either in the spaces around strings or along the sides of the windows where somebody could potentially see into your home at night.

Shutters, when closed properly, will cut out all angles of view into your home. The way they are installed and affixed to the window frame will also ensure that you have complete control over the privacy of any room in your home that has shutters.

With split top shutters, you could open the top half of the shutters over the window to allow sunlight in, or fresh air, and still keep the bottom half closed to ensure your complete privacy.

Curtains or other drapery need to be drawn back in order to allow light in and yet they still can’t fully ensure privacy. Some fabrics are thin and if there is a draft, they can blow open, exposing you to the outside world.

3. Offer Improved Insulation

The third benefit or advantage that wood shutters offer that other window dressings don’t happens to do with insulation. While winters in Mountain View, California, do not tend to get that cold, many homeowners will need some form of heat for a few months out of the year. When you have natural wood shutters protecting your windows, you also end up with an extra layer of insulation over those windows.

Wood is one of the best insulators in nature. When you add this extra layer of insulation over the glass panes of your window, you will help to keep out the cold air during the winter, which will cause you to need less heat and that will save you a significant amount of money.

Shutters during the summer can also provide an important insulating factor in how much light they keep from penetrating into your home, causing your home to heat up and thus you needing to run your air-conditioning more often. Blinds and curtains can also offer some level of insulation but neither option compares to the value that wood shutters offer your home.

4. Add Value to Your Mountain View Home

Finally, you can spend a significant amount of money on curtains and other draperies for every window in your home and still not benefit by any added value to your home. This is mainly due to the fact that curtains and drapes are generally impacted by personal tastes and preferences. In other words, what one person finds appealing may not suit another individual.

Even if you are not planning on selling your Mountain View home anytime soon, planning for the future will often mean making better decisions now.

Interior wood shutters consistently increase home appeal and value no matter where you live in the country.
These are just four reasons why window shutters can and will improve your Mountain View home. If you need more reasons or you want to see the quality and durability of some of the best window shutters on the market, contact a window shutter expert company today. They will be able to answer any and all questions you have about interior and exterior window shutters.