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13 Jan
window shutters in San Francisco, CA
Reasons To Replace Window Coverings With Window Shutters

Everyone has a different style on their home and when you first moved into your house, perhaps you were happy with the window coverings the previous owner chose or maybe you replaced them with something you preferred. Whatever the case may be, the years have passed and you’re thinking about doing something new. There are...

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02 Dec
window shutters in Palo Alto, CA
Look Into The Future With Window Shutters

Buying new window shutters in Palo Alto, CA is an investment. You want the permanent fixtures to serve your house well. They’ll look nice right away, but you want to have them for decades and use them in a high functioning manner that whole time. When you get shutters, you’ll need to think about now,...

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07 Oct
window shutters in Palo Alto, CA
Why Are Window Shutters The Most Valuable Covering?

When you start to look into new window coverings for your home, you will quickly see that there are many different options in a variety of price ranges. While window shutters in Palo Alto, CA are the most expensive, they are also the most valuable. Why is that? There are many different reasons. Here are...

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02 Sep
window shutters in Palo Alto, CA
Why Are Window Shutters So Popular?

There are many different window shutters that are popular for one reason or another, but window shutters in Palo Alto, CA have a lot of reasons behind their popularity. When you are choosing new window coverings for your home, you have a lot to consider. Understanding why certain coverings are popular with other homeowners can...

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19 Aug
window shutters in San Jose, CA
Home Décor Trends

When you are working on home improvements, there are trends in every industry. You’ll want to pay attention to those trends, but you also want to do something classic that will last and not go out of style any time soon. There are a number of things you can do to your home that will...

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08 Jul
San Francisco, CA window shutters
When Are Window Shutters The Right Fit?

It’s hard to choose the right window coverings for your home because there are so many options available. Do you want San Francisco, CA window shutters? Or are shades or even blinds a better fit? Here are a few instances in which shutters fit into your home well. You Want Clean Lines No matter what...

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01 Jul
San Francisco, CA windows
Dressing Your Window

It sounds like a strange concept, but many people like to ‘dress’ their windows after they are installed. Another term for this is ‘window covering.’ Windows are ‘dressed’ or ‘covered’ to give them a finished look and to provide you with the privacy and light filtering you might need in certain situations. When you get...

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17 Jun
Los Gatos, CA window shutters
Are Window Shutters Your Window Covering Answer?

Whether you just moved into a new house, or you decided that your old house needs new window coverings, you have a lot of options to consider. Los Gatos, CA window shutters are a good option for most homes, but are they the answer you’re looking for in your particular situation? Here are some items...

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