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Choosing Interior Shutters

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Interior shutters attach to your windows so you have control over the light that comes into your home. There are a number of different styles, materials, and even installation costs to consider. If you have uncovered windows, interior shutters are a good option to consider. But which ones are right for you? Here are some tips to help you make the important decisions.

Tip 1: Study Styles

There are three main interior shutter styles: plantation, cottage, and west coast plantation. Plantation shutters are often recessed inside the window frame and they have wide louvers that can open or close. They are the most widely used shutters in Mountain View. Cottage-style shutters are more prevalent on the East Coast. They have smaller louvers and are installed on hinges that attach to the window frame. They resemble exterior shutters, but they can be opened or closed and are on the inside of the home. West Coast Plantation shutters are also popular around Mountain View as they feature larger panels and louvers than the traditional plantation shutters. Since many windows in Mountain View are larger than they are elsewhere, these types of shutter work well.

Tip 2: Consider Materials

After style, you will also have to think about materials. You can get vinyl shutters, composite options, or wood shutters. Most of the wood shutters are made from basswood and give that classic look. They are more expensive than the other options but they give you the versatility and even the energy efficiency you want. There are cost reasons to go with other options, but wood is usually the best effective alternative.

Tip 3: Consider Cost

You will always need to keep your budget in mind when undergoing a project like this. If you are going to do shutters in the whole house, that will cost more than just one room. Set a budget for the project and try to get shutters that will match that need. If you want true wood shutters and nothing else will do, you may want to save up for a bit before you take the project on. The wood shutters will be with you for the remainder of your time in the house and they are often worth the investment since they raise the house value as well.

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