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Wood Shutters: Benefits In Los Gatos

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Let’s be honest: adding interior wood shutters to your home is a significant expense. They typically cost more than blinds and standard-sized curtains; they often require customization and a professional installer. So, why even bother?

As with any expenditure, there must be a benefit which outweighs the cost, right? I am here to tell you, the benefits wood shutters offer your home can not be matched by the cheap blinds and curtains you pick out online. Below is an outline of benefits wood shutters will afford you and your Los Gatos home.

Benefit: resale
Thisis, inarguably, the primary difference between replaceable/removable blinds and curtains, and the impact of interior wooden shutters. The value of your home skyrockets. This is a benefit for all homeowners—even those of you reading this that plan never to sell your home. How? Equity is security. Our economy is finicky, especially in California, and when the market dips or we face another recession, your home’s value will work either for you or against if and when you choose to refinance or sell, depending on the equity you have in it.

Benefit: durability and quality
Obviously, shutters of any kind are more durable than bother window coverings. And, of course, there are other materials besides various woods, and at San Francisco Shutters we offer an array of options. Wood shutters, however, are of the highest quality and are built in the USA to last a lifetime. Choose from durable woods, such as Basswood, Oak, Cherry, Cedar, etc. Our standard woods are domestically forested under the strictest requirements for durability.

Benefit: aesthetics and charm
This may go without saying, but wood shutters are, undeniably, the most beautiful of all the shutter options. And, San Francisco Shutters has been the premier supplier and installer for interior (and exterior!) wood shutters in Los Gatos CA and the surrounding areas for decades. Said differently: this is what we Our team takes creating only the most beautiful shutters of all sizes, stains, and shapes very seriously.

Benefit: privacy and safety
Have you ever—ACCIDENTALLY—seen into someone’s windows, even though their blinds or curtains were drawn? Yes, you have; you can admit it. We all have. This is because blinds and curtains allow for shadows and trace movements even when they are closed for privacy. Shutters do not allow for outsiders to see in when drawn. Need we say more on this topic? Maybe this should have been Point #1…

Benefit: temperature control and insulation
Adding shutters to your windows to be closed at night or when you are away at work, on vacation, or out errand-running is like adding a wall between the temperatures drafting through the glass and your family who expects to remain comfortable, indoors. And, this expected comfort comes with cost-savings on your utility bills. Shouldn’t regulated temperatures and un-wasted energy in your home be a given? It can be, with San Francisco Shutters in your home!

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