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Window Covering Options With Style

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When looking into a new Mountain View window covering, you want to reach a lot of goals in your home. Of course you want to let the right amount of light in, achieve privacy, and get some more energy efficiency. But it is also very important to get a certain amount of style in the space. Window covering options are visible in the room and if they don’t fit in, they can ruin whatever you have going on in the space. Here are a few options that will cover your Mountain View windows with style when done right.

Drapes can add softness to a space and work well with windows that have a lot of room around them. You might want custom rods without seams so they are straight and strong for the amount of material you have to place on them. Look into modern pleats like European or Parisian pleats to give you something clean that doesn’t fan out on the top. You can get drapes with blackout material linings so even lighter colors of fabric can block out light in a bedroom or TV room.

Roman Shades
If you love the idea of fabric, but want something easier to care for, Roman shades are a good option. The woven shades work well for kids rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms as well as other spaces that don’t have as much room around the windows. The shades do good work when they are down and they fold up to allow in light and give the room extra style.

Some space might need some extra style or a pop of color, but not necessarily something to completely cover the window. You might put a valance above a kitchen window, for example, or in a hallway. You can also pair valances with other blinds to get privacy and style at the same time.

Window Shutters
Our favorite type of window coverings are the classic window shutters. Shutters are permanent and easy to care for. Without fabric, you don’t have to remove them to wash them. You can simply run a duster over them on occasion and you’re done. Shutters have a classic look, whether they are open or closed. They can filter light however you want or close it out completely. They also give you an extra layer of insulation for energy efficiency when they are closed. This classic window covering will raise the value of your home as well.

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