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What to Consider While Shopping for Shutters

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When it comes to updating the look of your Saratoga home, are you giving attention to one of the most important factors in the room? We are talking about your shutters. While shutters may not seem like a major design element for your house, it’s important to remember that every small detail pulls together the interior and exterior design throughout your home. With that in mind, it may be time to get shopping for the perfect shutters to give your exterior the extra curb appeal you crave. Surprisingly enough, there are actually a wide variety of shutters currently on the market, and navigating through the many styles and materials could feel a bit overwhelming. To help make the shopping process easier we have put together a short list of factors to consider when buying new window shutters in Saratoga, CA:

  1. Shutter Types:

The first thing to consider when shopping for shutters is the type of shutter that will best fit your window space. Shutters are typically found in three styles: louvered, raised-panel, and board and batten shutters. Each come with their own set of benefits. Louvered shutters are perfect for homes aiming for a more traditional look, while raised-panel shutters create a clean colonial look while providing extra security. For homeowners seeking a chic cottage-style look, the board and batten shutters provide an authentic feel that makes a stunning first impression.

  1. Shutter Material:

Perhaps just as important as the style of your shutters is the material you choose to buy them in. The material of your shutters will not only determine their overall price but the amount of maintenance and durability you can expect as well. While shutters are available in a wide variety of materials, the most common on the market are wood, plastic, and vinyl.  Wood shutters can easily be stained or painted any color to match or contrast with the exterior of your home. However, wooden shutters are not the most durable against rainy weather, and may require extra upkeep. Plastic and vinyl provides a surprisingly authentic style, that closely imitates the look and feel of natural wood without chipping and peeling. If you are looking for that classic wooden look without the extra upkeep, plastic and vinyl windows are worth considering.

  1. Shutter Size

Finally, the size of your shutters is an important factor to keep in mind while shopping for new ones. Aim to go with the same width size for all windows in order to create a cleaner look. To determine your shutter width, go for 25% to 33% of the width of your windows including your trim space. As for your height, remember to leave about a ¼ inch gap.

If you are unsure about which type of shutters are right for your home, speaking with a shutters professional is a great way to have any questions or concerns answered. At San Francisco Shutters, we have been helping homeowners find the perfect shutters for over four decades. To speak with one of our highly trained team members, give us a call at 855-838-2405 or visit us at our Burlingame showroom located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, California 94010.