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What Are The Benefits of Wood Shutters

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When you are looking at adding shutters to your home, you will have to make a lot of decisions. One of the first things you will need to think about is simply the material from which the shutters will be made. You can think about all around style and details once you come up with a basic material. There are many materials to look over and think about, but here are a few benefits of getting the best Palo Alto wood shutters that you should consider.

Benefit 1: Economics

When you look at the bottom line, you might think the standard, plastic shutters are cheaper than wood shutters. While it looks that way initially, in the long run, wood shutters are the better option. Because of the wood material, they last longer and will not have to be replaced nearly as often as other materials.

Benefit 2: Durability

Plastic shutters can dent, scratch and have other issues. Wood shutters, on the other end, are highly durable. They protect your home from the sun, wind, rain and anything else the Palo Alto weather throws their way.

Benefit 3: Longevity

Wood shutters last longer than plastic shutters for a number of reasons. They may need maintenance from time to time including stain or a new coat of paint, but they don’t fade and wear like plastic shutters can. Their maintenance is superficial while the only thing you can do for a worn plastic shutter is replace it.

Benefit 4: Aesthetics

If you want your home to look its best, wood shutters are consistently beautiful. These shutters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can act as an accent to the house, complementing the existing style or standing out on their own.

Benefit 5: Safety

Wood is much harder to break and bend than plastic. Having wood shutters gives your home an added layer of protection from Palo Alto weather elements and from anyone who tries to break into the home.

Benefit 6: Energy

Whether you have wood shutters on the interior or exterior of your home, they can save you energy on your heating and cooling costs. If you keep the shutters closed when the hot summer sun is beating down, your air will run less and the air that does cool your home will stay inside and not leak out.

Benefit 7: Versatility

You can get wood shutters in a variety of styles and colors. You can get solid panel shutters that block out all light, or you can get louvered shutters that allow you to let the California breeze into your home on a nice day. You get to choose the options and they are almost endless.

It’s hard to figure out which direction to go when it comes to installing window shutters, but San Francisco Shutters knows them all and can help you narrow it down to the perfect choice for your home. We are located at 1676 Gilbreth Road in Burlingame, CA. Call us today at 877-948-0267 and retain professional shutter installation and advice.