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Surprising Reasons to Use Wood Shutters in your Home

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There are plenty of practical reasons to consider any given window covering. You might choose one over another because of its appearance, style, energy efficiency, or other reasons. But when you hear a particular window covering can last up to 20 years, add value to your home, and cut down on light when you want, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to look into it further.

While you may have heard these things about wood shutters before, there are other benefits that you may not know. Your Los Altos home can realize all of the benefits wood shutters can offer. It’s nice to know in advance what they all are. So here are a few surprising reasons that wood shutters will work well in your house.

Wood Shutters Reduce Energy Costs

You know new, energy efficient windows will cut back on energy costs, but wood shutters? The truth is, they can help too! There are a number of ways how wood shutters work their magic. First, they can block out the heat of the Los Altos sun. When things get hot and humid out there, close the shutters and all that stays out of your home. When they are closed, they also keep the cool air inside your home. Combine all that together and you get reduced energy costs.

Wood Shutters are Safer for Inhabitants

Do you have children in your home? Pets, maybe? When you have certain window coverings, you might be worried about the safety of those little beings. But wood shutters cause you no worry at all. When they are properly installed, they become a part of the window. They don’t have cords and they can’t be accidentally pulled down. You don’t have to worry about kids or pets getting tangled in anything or being in any kind of danger at all around wood shutters.

Wood Shutters Increase Interior Lifespan

When you invest in any large item for your home (like flooring, furniture, and so on) you want it to last. The Los Altos sun might cause you to replace these items a lot sooner and faster than you would like. But wood shutters can block that sunlight out, along with damaging UV rays. When you keep them closed and limit the amount of exposure your items get, you’ll increase their lifespan in your home.

Do those advantages, along with the normal ones you knew about, sound pretty good? Contact San Francisco Shutters at 855-992-6739. We’d be happy to give you a free consultation so you can look into even more details where wood shutters in Los Altos, CA are concerned. If you need new window coverings, we’d be happy to show you examples in our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. We want only the best for your home and that’s why we carry nothing but the best. We believe wood shutters are the best and we’ll show you why!