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Saving Money With Window Shutters

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When you start to look into various window coverings, you will compare the prices of the products to see what fits into your budget. While you will automatically notice that Saratoga, CA window shutterscost more than other options, you might not understand that those extra costs come with a lot of savings as well. The price tag doesn’t tell the whole story, but now, you can learn just how much you can save if you go with window shutters.  

Save On Future Replacements 

How long did you have blinds in your windows before you had to replace them with something new? Curtains fade, right? There aren’t very many window coverings that are permanent, but window shutters are. You don’t have to replace them—ever. So while you are paying more upfront for window shutters than you might other options, you won’t ever have to change them out and, in the long run, that can save you quite a bit.  

Save On Energy Bills 

You might know that you lose more heat and air through your windows than any other source in your house. If you have newer windows, that’s great, but they still transfer air back and forth, even a little bit. You can put a stop to that with window shutters. Keep your shutters closed when you are away for the day or overnight and you’ll see your energy bill dip down lower. The less energy you waste, the more you save on your bills. That savings can help you pay back for the larger sticker price the window shutters have on them upfront.  

Save On Maintenance 

Curtains get dingy and dirty and they have to be taken all the way down, washed, and then put back up. Plus, if the fabrics are anything special, they might even need dry cleaning treatments. That costs time and money. Other window coverings have other maintenance involved that can cost time and/or money. With window shutters, you just don’t have to do that much. They will get dusty, but the dust won’t cling to them like it does blinds so you can wipe them off pretty quickly when you dust other parts of your house.  

These savings are enough to add up to pay for the difference in the initial price of your window shutters. If you’re interested in looking over options for Saratoga, CA window shutters, contact San Francisco Shutters Co. to go over some options. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 and we can set up a free consultation to talk about choices and look at examples. Our showroom is located at 1676 Gilbreth Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 if you’d like to stop by and see some samples. Window shutters look great in the showroom, but when you invite us to your home for measuring, we can bring some ideas and colors with us to look at in the natural light of your home to give you an even better idea of what things will look like once they are installed.