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Myths about Wood Shutters

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There are myths about everything these days, right? While you may not realize it, you probably believe more of them than you think. When you are looking for new window coverings for your home in Saratoga, you might not think there are myths about the options on the market. Who makes things up about window coverings?! But there are plenty of misconceptions when you are looking through details about wood shutters. Instead of believing everything you hear or read, take some of these myths in and then spit them back out. They’re not true!

Myth 1: Wood Shutters Only Work in Southern Style Homes

When you think about wood shutters, you might automatically picture a plantation house in the South. Sure, wood shutters look great in those homes! And once, they were about the only time that featured them. However, that is no longer the case. Wood shutters look great in pretty much any house on the market. It can be a tiny bungalow or a huge mansion in any style. Wood shutters come with so many benefits that homeowner with any home style are making good use of them.

Myth 2: Wood Shutters are the Same as Blinds

Wood shutters often get clumped into a group with blinds, but they really shouldn’t be in the same category. Wood shutters last a whole lot longer than blinds and they can make the house more energy efficient as well. They are easier to clean and are a permanent installation. They look much nicer as well and raise the value of a home. While both window coverings have slats, that’s about where their comparison should stop.

Myth 3: Wood Shutters are Too Expensive

While it’s true that wood shutters cost more than many other options, you have to think about more than upfront costs when it comes to the final cost overall. Wood shutters might have a larger sticker price, but they can save you a lot of money later on. For example, wood shutters add a layer of insulation to your windows so they can help lower your energy bills when you keep them closed. Wood shutters also last more than 20 years so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon, which also saves you money. Plus, they raise the value of your home so you’ll get more money out of the house when you sell it in the future. All that adds up to one great investment!

So, what do you think? Do you see wood shutters in a different light now? Perhaps enough so that you are interested in installing them in your Saratoga home? Contact the experts at San Francisco Shutters by calling 855-992-6739 for a no obligation (and free!) consultation. You can check window coverings in Saratoga, CA for more details. We’ll go over even more myths and make sure you understand the truth behind using wood shutters as a window covering in any room of your house. You can also stop by and see examples in our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.