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Finding the Right Shutter Options for Your Home

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Cupertino homeowners are adding a special touch to the exterior of their homes by installing new shutters that create a bright and welcoming tone. While often overlooked, shutters are an elegant design factor that can make a lasting first impression on those who pass by. However, shopping for shutters may not be as simple of a process as many people expect it to be. There are a wide variety of shutter styles and materials on the market, and it may be an overwhelming task for homeowners looking for the perfect fit for their home. To assist you in the buying process, here we will be discussing two of the most popular shutter materials, wood, and polymers:

Wood Shutters

Wood has been a long time favorite for homeowner due to its warm feel, rich colors, and natural tone. Wood shutters are available in a wide variety of species, and in the event that you cannot find the exact style you are looking for they are easily stained or painted. Wood shutters are easily customized with ingraining and design cut outs to fit the personal tastes of the homeowner. Some homeowners choose to add cutouts shaped like anchors for beach houses or intricate designs for a cottage feel. Wood shutters are stronger than other materials on the market and are known for being lighter as well. Wood shutters can easily be incorporated into any panel style and size. The downside of wooden shutters is that they may require more maintenance than other materials. Homeowners may find themselves having to sand and repaint their shutters over time. Wood shutters can also be more expensive than other shutter options on the market.

Poly Shutters

Poly shutters have made a name for themselves due to their durability and extensive shelf life. These shutters are perfect for homeowners living in areas where harsh weather occurs frequently. Thanks to its durable finish, poly shutters can hold their color throughout their lifetime without requiring any further maintenance. Poly shutters are also moisture resistant, helping them protect your windows and home from excess moisture damage. Another benefit you can expect from poly shutter is that their price tag is relatively lower than other shutter materials on the market. There are, however, some disadvantages to these windows. Poly material is notoriously heavy, which can place added pressure on the frames and windows that are holding them. Poly windows are also more limited when it comes to color options and panel sizes, so it is best to ensure that poly windows are available in the specific style you are looking for.

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