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Choosing Your New Shutters: A Detailed Style Guide

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Everyone has an opinion and, unfortunately, everyone believes his or hers to be right. Have you ever asked, regrettably, what your friends or family thought you should do to redecorate your home or to plan your dream wedding? Most of us have been there: wishing to recall our words and move forward with our original plans.

Now, it is time to choose the best shutters for your Los Gatos home and—thank goodness—you are older and wiser: you know to consult a professional and unveil your choice to the family and friends after the change has been made. Bravo!

Side note: if anyone reading this has not yet experienced an overbearing family/friend involvement after (mistakenly) asking for an opinion—don’t do it. Take it from the professionals at San Francisco Shutters: you want to consult your partner or spouse (if you have one), and a professional who is experienced in guiding you through selecting what you love and what you can afford for your home.

Okay, we have addressed the most important step: eliminating extra confusion and influence. Now, we can break down the shutter styles and get you started down the path to a refreshed and personalized Los Gatos home! The below is a detailed description of each shutter styles, both interior and exterior options.

Types of shutters
Louvered (exterior): These have overlapping slats, set into their frames uniformly. Very popular among an array of architectural styles; these are beautiful whether painted for an added flare of contrast or stained for a natural look.

Raised Panel (exterior): Decorative in nature to boost curb appeal, these are more often than not the shutters associated with window boxes for the ever-popular garden style.

Board and Batten (exterior): Made of individual boards joined by cross pieces (battens). Choose with or without arch-top or squared style joined in the middle.

Plantation (exterior): Very popular in the South and growing in popularity nationwide. These shutters add a calm, laid-back vibe to any residence. Also, plantation shutters are constructed with wide louvers to allow fresh California air through.

Shaker Style (interior): Often painted to blend into a room and perfect for a simplistic decor. Made of solid, flat panels (which are perfect for keeping out the Los Gatos sunrays!) and extremely functional.

Café (interior): Ever eaten in a French bistro and fallen in love with the charm? If so, these are your shutters. Louvered and cover the bottom half of a window for privacy with maximum sunlight.

California (interior): Very similar to plantation style shutters, but for the inside of your home! These filter out bright light and summer heat. These also have that Southern, homey charm for the laid-back (yet aristocratic) homeowner.

Combination (interior/exterior): Mix and match! You can choose two or more styles to create the look you want. Go on—create the Southern, French bistro, modern-sophisticated look if you want it!

Do not overthink this. Choose which style suits you best and let the staff at San Francisco Shutters make your home your dream home. We cannot wait to meet you!

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