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Choosing Materials For Window Shutters

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If you’d love nothing more than to add Los Altos, CA window shutters to your home as window coverings, you’re in for a treat. These classic, elegant window coverings can add both style and value to your home as well as new functions. Once you know you want window shutters, you’ll have to turn to the next decision on the table—what material do you want? There are a number of options to consider.

Wood Shutters

Window shutters have been made from wood for as long as they’ve been in America. Some of the original wood window shutters were made more like artwork than a simple craft. Now, however, the process has been streamlined and there are many different materials to choose from and still get quality shutters. Wood shutters are usually at the top of the list. They are luxurious and give your home a warm, classic feel with the rich graining and durability. There’s nothing like wood when it comes to window shutters. You can get traditional white, dark glazes, and neutral colorings all under the wood umbrella. With enough options for stains and paints, you can have window shutters that match any color or style. Wood sometimes needs care as the years go by, but with its substantial beauty, it’s often worth it.

Composite Wood Shutters

Composite wood shutters give you the wood core you want with a vinyl covering to protect the wood from humidity and wear and tear. The hollow louvers give you a high level of insulation and still look like wood. This option gives you the look of wood with the added practicality of vinyl. You have easier care in the future with this choice.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are made completely of synthetic materials. They can still give you a classic wood look, but the vinyl materials resist scratches, warping, and other things that can happen to wood over the years. These shutters are great for active areas of the house, like the bathroom, the kitchen, or a child’s playroom. They are low maintenance, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Now that you’ve seen a few different materials for window shutters, what would work best for your home? Some homeowners choose a material and have all of the window shutters made from the same thing. Others can’t get over their love of wood shutters and they want as many of those as they can get. However, they see the practicality of vinyl shutters, like in the bathroom where humidity is common. So they might get mostly wood, but vinyl in a few locations. The options are limitless and the decisions are completely yours.

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