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Choosing Just The Right Window Shutters

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Plantation shutters can enhance any home and give you the privacy you want at some times and the natural light you want at others. They provide energy efficiency and other details as well. However, there are a lot of different styles on the market when you are thinking about Saratoga, CA window shutters. Keep these things in mind as you narrow down the options to just the right choices for your family.

Panel Styles

Plantation window shutters come in different styles. Full shutters will cover the whole window and open one way while double hung have top and bottom shutters for more versatility in light control. You could open just the top or just the bottom, for example. Café style shutters cover just half the window, which allows you to leave the top half completely unobstructed at all times.

Material Options

You can also get a wide variety of different materials in the shutters you choose. You could get wood, which is a warm, elegant choice that suits many homes. You could also get vinyl, which is durable and has high insulating qualities as well. There are benefits for any material on the market so you will need to look into the details of each and decide what’s best for your home.

Louver Sizes

The louvers are the horizontal slats that make the planation shutters so popular and there are different sizes to consider. The size impacts the amount of light you can let into the home form the window. Larger louvers, like 4.5 inches, give you a clear view and plenty of light. Smaller louver sizes are better for smaller windows. The louver size is important to the overall style of the window and the room.

Tilt Rod Choices

In order to operate the louvers, you will need a tilt rod of some kind, but again, there are options. The standard, hidden, off-set tilt rod are common, but there are also tilt rods that are in plain view, right in the center. That is a convenient option as well. Hidden rods are out of side behind the louvers so they won’t show and impede your view. And off-set tilt rods are off to the side.

Color Decisions

There are several different colors from which to choose and you want to get something that will complement the color scheme you have going in that room of the house to provide the right aesthetic effect. Take color choices home with you and inspect them with care in the natural lighting of your home at several different times of the day.

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