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Care and Maintenance for Your Wood Shutters

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Natural or painted wood shutters are not only functional, but add a refined elegance to your home. It is no wonder they are a classic installation for countless homeowners in San Jose, CA. However, if neglected, those would-be beautiful shutters can look worn. Over time they can become dingy and dirty with dust and residue. As such, routine cleaning and maintenance is essential if you want to keep them looking like new. But you cannot pull them down and spray them off as you would with traditional blinds. Wood shutters take more care. Here are a few tips to follow.

Cleaning Natural Wood Shutters

If you have stained or natural wood shutters you want to be mindful about what you choose to wash them with. You cannot use a lot of water or any harsh chemicals. You should also avoid any rough tools that might scratch the surface. The best way to clean them weekly is with a soft dust cloth, a brush, or a vacuum and a small brush attachment.

First run the vacuum with the brush over the slats. This will grab up most of the loose dust and dirt. Follow up with a dry cloth or a dusting brush to get in the tighter spaces. Do what you can without using any water. Then, for stubborn dirt, use a small, slightly wet brush. Scrub the dirt away and quickly dry the area to avoid any water damage. While cleaning pay close attention to the tilt rod, since this where much of the dirt and oil will collect. Once a month you should use a wood polish on your shutters to condition the wood and keep dust at bay.

Cleaning Plywood or Painted Shutters

Plywood shutters, or any made from synthetic materials, are a little more resilient than natural wood. As such, you can use cleaning materials that are a bit more substantial. Still stay away from abrasives, but if you need to use a cleaning solution on stubborn dirt, you can dilute it with water as needed.

You follow much the same routine, as with wood shutters. Start with the brush attachment on the vacuum, follow up with the dry cloth and small brush. Then move on to the harsher materials for tough dirt. Wash with the solution, rinse with a damp cloth, and then dry immediately.

Cleaning Exterior Shutters

Cleaning and maintaining exterior shutters takes entirely different tactics. They maybe a bit harder to reach, but they are made of more resilient exterior materials and therefore easier to clean. Fortunately you can use more aggressive cleaning techniques and will not have to clean these as often as interior shutters. Feel free to use as much water as you need and even consider investing in a pressure washer to make your job easier.

First use a hose or pressure washer to spray away most of the dirt and grime. Next, safely use a ladder to access the shutters, and clean the shutters with a scrub brush and cleaning solution. A bucket of water with some liquid dish soap will work well, and for tough stains you can use diluted bleach. If you are using harsher chemicals to clean, test a non-visible area of the shutters first. Once you are done scrubbing, rinse away the soap with more water.

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