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Brighten Up Your Room With Window Shutters

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Many homeowners have one (or more) rooms in their home that feels a little too dark and dim. You might not get as much natural light or perhaps the windows are blocked with old shades. Despite the cause of the dark nature in the room, Palo Alto, CA window shutters can help lighten things up. If you are ready to let in the natural light and have a brighter space all the way around, consider the things that window shutters can do to help the situation.  

Use Window Shutters To Let In Natural Light 

If you have older window coverings, they could be the reason the room feels dim and dark. Old, dark curtains could be taking away from the natural light. Old blinds might have small slats that don’t let in much light, either. Simply making the switch to window shutters could be enough to let in the light you need in the space. Window shutters offer you versatility in lighting. You can open them completely and let all of the light in from the windows, for example. Or you can close them and tilt the slats to allow in a certain amount of light in a certain direction. Either way, you will likely get more natural light than you have now.  

Choose Light Colors 

When you get your new window shutters, another way you can lighten the room, whether the shutters are open or closed, is to get a light color. Go with white if that would fit into your space and you can reflect the light in the room and brighten everything up. Another option is a light shade of wood with a nice stain on it to fill the space with a natural look, but still a light color.  

Completely Open Options 

Most window coverings actually cover the window, at least a little, when they are open. That can block out some of the natural light you want in the space. Blinds, for example, fold up and are clear of most of the window, but there is still a space at the top that isn’t open to the light. Curtains are always going to be at the sides of the windows and so on. Window shutters are about the only type of window covering that can completely open the window to the natural light outside when you have them open.  

If you’re ready to brighten a room in your home, Palo Alto, CA window shutters may just be the right choice for you. If you’re in the market for new window coverings, you’ll at least want to look into the option. Contact San Francisco Shutters Co. by calling (855) 992-6739 and tell us what you’re looking to do in your space. We’re here to help and we’re ready to show you examples when you stop by and visit us at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. Seeing things in person will help you decide what will look best in your home. We’re here to help you when you need us.