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Address Privacy Concerns With Window Shutters

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Even if you are a new homeowner, you have basics privacy needs and wants for your house. You likely keep your doors and windows locked when you want things to be safe and sealed up, for example. But there are a number of things you might need to address with the right window covering and San Carlos, CA window shutters can help with that. Here are a few tips to address privacy concerns with a new window covering.  

Don’t Forget Second Story Windows 

Most people do a good job at covering up their first-floor windows, but what about the second story? People can still see into those rooms from certain angles and you will want them covered in some way or another. Window shutters are a great way to cover second story windows because you can allow in natural light at certain angles without allowing in prying eyes. You get the privacy you want without blocking out the light.  

Keep Family Noise Inside 

Your home privacy isn’t all about what people can see, but also what they can hear. While you don’t want to hear everything going on outside, you also don’t want anyone out there to hear everything going on inside. Window shutters can help you address that privacy issue by blocking noise from traveling in either direction. You’ll have more peace and quiet inside and you won’t have to worry about people walking by hearing your conversations inside.  

Don’t Sway On Safety For Privacy 

There are a number of shades and blinds that can give you some privacy but are just unsafe for your family. There are pull cords that can trip kids and pets and they can also be tugged on, played with, and changed when you might not want them to be moved. If you’re changing and your child tugs on the cord…there goes your privacy. You can get both safety and privacy from window shutters, on the other hand. There aren’t any cords to tug on or trip over and the privacy is complete.  

Make It Permanent 

You can hang a curtain over a window and leave it there for the time being, but when you’re ready for something permanent, window shutters are the way to go. Window shutters are permanent fixtures in your home and that might make you nervous at first, but don’t worry, they don’t go out of style. Instead, they add value to your home and are a worthwhile investment.  

If you want privacy for your home in a stylish, versatile manner that also allows you to control the light you allow into the space, contact San Francisco Shutters Co. at (855) 992-6739 to ask about San Carlos, CA window shutters. We’re here to help in any way we can. We’d love to show you some samples in our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. Stop by and examine window shutters yourself to see if they’d work with your privacy issues within your home. We’re here for you when you need us.