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Your Windows Need a Window Covering if…

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When you live in Los Gatos, CA, there are many reasons to cover your windows with a window covering of some kind. Shutters are a great option! Here are a few reasons you might want a window covering.

The window lets too much sun in

Los Gatos can get rather sunny and the sun is hot at times. You don’t want the temperature in your home rising because of the heat of the sun beating in through your windows. When the sun is menacing, use your shutters to close the windows off and keep the home cool. Some people close them on certain sides of the house at certain times of the day just to keep the sun out.

You don’t want everyone to be able to see you

Homes are supposed to be private dwellings. When you want to cut yourself off from the rest of the world, close your shutters and you can do just that. Many homeowners like to use window covering options like shutters at night when they have lights on inside. It’s easy for people outside in the dark to see into a home with lights on. When the shutters are closed, they don’t have the opportunity to see a thing.

You want to protect your home from a nasty storm

When the weather predictors are showing a big storm on the radar, it’s time to close your window coverings and protect your home from the storm. If you have exterior shutters, they can protect the house from high winds and flying debris. No one wants to deal with a broken window, after all.

You want to control the light

Sometimes you want sun in the room, sometimes you don’t. When shutters, you get to control when the light comes in and when it doesn’t. You can close the window covering off when it gets too bright and open it when you want natural light. You have options!

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