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Tips For Choosing The Right Window Coverings For Your Home: Shutters

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Year after year, more home- and condo-owners are choosing shutters as their choice window covering. Here in Los Gatos and the surrounding area, both interior and exterior shutters have exploded in popularity because of their charm, durability, energy savings, and impact on resale value.

But, how do we choose the right shutters for our homes? Who knew there were so many options and how does one narrow down which is best, most beautiful, and budget friendly? At San Francisco Shutters, we want to help you with your search and customizable options. Our team has been in this business for over forty years and knows exactly how to help you accent your home to match your taste and fit your budget.

Check out these tips for choosing the right shutters for your Northern CA home!

Interior vs. Exterior
We have to start here: interior or exterior? Sure, we can easily dissect the style of your home (do you have a cottage, a condo, an art-deco home, or 18th and 19th Century architecture…) or discuss the added value shutters will add; but, the truth is that shutters look beautiful in or outside any home and always plump up the value. Great!

More importantly: your preference. Do you know which option(interior or exterior) sings to you? No? Ok, close your eyes and imagine your home. Seriously, close your eyes for a moment and imagine your home. (I am going somewhere, I promise.)Alright, just now, when you pictured your home, were you outside looking at your house our inside looking around your house? Essentially, this question is intended to get your wheels turning. Where do you spend your time: inside or outside? Which is most important to you: a welcoming exterior or a homey interior?

Study style
If you are anything like most, shutter styles may not have occurred to you beyond indoor/outdoor and color pallet. But there are many choices: interior plantation and cottage shutters, elliptical, flat, European—most with and without louvers; exterior movable and immovable shutters, louvered, raised, or combination. Materials range from woods like rot-resistant incensed cedar with and without finish (or custom-chosen woods from around the globe—tell us what you want!), to composite materials. These can be divided, narrow, wide, customized to match a style you have already fallen for or once had in a previous home. Do a little homework and save pictures of the styles to which you are drawn. We want to make your style dreams come true!

Consider cost
A lot of companies out there will try to convince you to select the most expensive styles and materials available. This is not what San Francisco Shutters is about—we will find ways to match your preference with your budget because we understand cost is the ultimate parameter to work within. Our team will lay out all costs and customization break-downs to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your Los Gatos, CA window shutters project that’s within your budget.

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