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The Advantages of Cordless Blinds

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Your home revolves around its atmosphere and there is a number of things you want to do to create the home of your dreams. When it comes to your windows, of course you want ventilation at times to let the Saratoga, CA breeze in. But the California heat can be too much as well and you need to be able to shut the sun out at other times. Most window coverings are made from wood, metal or plastic, but there are cordless blinds on the market today that are rising in popularity. They are useful in a number of ways and carry plenty of benefits for Saratoga homeowners. Here are just a few to consider.

#1: Cordless Blinds Are Easy to Use

Most window treatments have loose, dangling cords that get tangled and are harder to use as time goes by. With cordless blinds, you just push them open or pull them closed. There is no maintenance, no effort, and no changes over time. You can position the blinds at any height you want.

#2: Cordless Blinds are Safer for Pets and Children

Children are prone to playing with things they shouldn’t, and you can’t keep cats away from cords no matter how hard you try. If your window treatments have cords, that’s a risk to children and pets. You never know when a pet or child will get tangled in a cord. It could cause trips, accidents, or worse. Cordless blinds are simply safer because your child or pet can’t injure themselves on them. There are no more entanglement hazards around the blinds.

#3: Cordless Blinds Give a Clean Look

When your blinds don’t have cords, they have a cleaner look than other blinds. Cords certainly don’t add to the style or decoration of your home and they can often take away from the look because of their tangled, messy look. You can’t pull them out or change them so you’re stuck. With cordless blinds, you never have to worry about those issues.

#4: Plenty of Choices

Manufacturers are making more cordless blinds now than ever before. They are creating them because they are becoming more popular and also because they are safer and cleaner in the home. You should be able to find a different model or style for any window you want to cover.

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