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Taking Advantage Of Automatic Window Shades

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San Francisco, CA window shades

There are technological advancements in any industry and San Francisco, CA window shades are no different. If you’ve had shades on windows in the past, you know how they operate. But having shades that are automatic is a different story. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of automatic, motorized window shades in your home.

Save Energy

You’ve probably been in your home long enough to know when the sunny parts of the day hit and when you like to let the natural light shine through. You can actually program some automatic window shades to open and close at certain times of the day. Have them remain closed when you are sleeping and when you are at work and open them in the morning and when you come home in the evening. When they are closed and you aren’t home anyway, you can save energy on your bills with their extra insulation.

Make Things Easier

There’s no need to mess with cords or get up to open or clothes shades any longer. When you have motorized shades, you can close them with the touch of a button. You can even put an app on your phone so you can open and close them from anywhere. That’s nice when you’re on vacation and want to make it look like someone’s home so no one stalks your house as an easy target.

Maintain Them Simply

Cords can get tangled and they’re also a hazard to kids and pets. When something gets stuck in it or they get pulled wrong, they can easily break and then you have to figure out a new way to raise and lower your shades. With automatic shaded with motorized capabilities, you don’t have those repair needs—ever. The up and down is easy and your maintenance is nonexistent.

Raising Value With Convenient Shades

Your home will be more valuable once you have motorized shades installed. If you sell your house in the future, it will be worth more because buyers know those types of shades are useful, energy efficient, and easy to operate. They are willing to pay more for your house to get them already installed and ready to use.

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