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Shutter Style Window Coverings

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Window coverings are like clothing for your home. In fact, they actually clothe your family in necessary privacy. Sure, ordering some inexpensive curtains or blinds is an easy and cheap way to “clothe” your home and provide discretion for your family; but, they are exactly that: easy and cheap. Don’t you deserve nice things? Yes. You do.

If you have just moved into a home or are looking around your space and realizing the time has come to add sophistication and luxury—San Francisco Shutters is just around the corner, ready to collaborate with you!

What our team at San Francisco Shutters in Los Altos can do for you
For more than forty years, San Francisco Shutters has been serving the Bay Area, converting nice homes into breathtaking homes with our Los Altos shutter-style window coverings. Choosing the right window coverings is typically one of the final steps homeowners take, whether they are in the home building, flipping, or renovation processes. This is to say, this is often a looked-over detail—but it should not be. We are experts in this area and understand how overwhelming choosing the right details to fit your needs can be. Additionally, the staff here at San Francisco Shutters puts client satisfaction first. With us, you will experience the reverence we have for your home, family, budget, preferences, reservations, and vision.

Selling your home?
Did you know your choice in window coverings often is the tipping scale for potential home-buyers? This ranks up there with a clear inspection and curb appeal. Why? Well, blinds and curtains simply do not have a huge impact on resale value. Shutters do, due to their charm, customization, and semi-permanence. Buying a home is stressful and any pending/future expense you, as the seller, can remove from the mind of a potential buyer will aid in selling your house over the nearby competition.

Despite whatever conceptions you have about shutter-style window coverings, be prepared for many more options than you realized exist. Shutters have evolved greatly in the last twenty years! Ask us about our material options (even imported, exotic woods!), interior and exterior styles, customizations, colors, movable and immobile selections, longevity, etc.

Think about window coverings in terms of life stages. Blinds are the “baby step;” the most generic, one-size-fits-all of the choices. Baby steps are not bad. They are simply not what one expects to see in an established, sophisticated home. Neither are curtains. Though this option is not necessarily lacking in personality, this is only the “young adult stage.”Curtains can be beautiful and inexpensive, but they do not add value for equity or resale—which are both very grown, sophisticated concepts. Shutters are the grown, established window covering; the “adult stage.” They are the graduated combination of all the stages: customized, not generic; beautiful, but not cheaply manufactured; customized and permanent, not without value.

Look around your space. Is it as beautiful and welcoming as you always dreamed it to be? Isn’t it time for a sophisticated, charming upgrade? Our team at San Francisco Shutters is waiting to help you graduate your home into the beautiful space you deserve.

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