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Inside or Outside Mounts for Window Coverings?

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Windows come in all different shapes and sizes and so do window coverings. Interior and exterior shutters are classic options that are widely popular in Palo Alto, CA. There are several options when it comes to material, style, and color and the choices don’t end there. Once you have decided on the perfect shutters, you get to decide how to mount your window covering. Will it be on the inside or outside of the window frame? Not sure what the differences are? Hopefully this will clear things up.

Inside Mount

As the name suggests, installers mount these window coverings inside the casing. This gives the shutters a cleaner look and accentuates the trim around your window frames. Inside mounts work well on windows with deep sills. The recessed shutters will give you extra space, leaving room for furniture and other decorations. Of course, they do come with limitations.

Most shutters will leave small gaps along the edges so the shutters can open and close smoothly. While functional, these small openings will let in light while shutters are closed. Not all windows can accommodate inside mounts. There has to be enough depth. Fortunately, there are measuring guides you can use to verify the minimum depth for inside mount window covers. Also, you need to make sure you have enough clearance to install the shutters so they don’t hit the hardware. Larger handles, locks, or cranks might be in the way.

Outside Mount

Even if the window casing is deep enough to support an inside mount shutter, you can still choose the outside mount. This option extends shutters beyond the actual window, both above and below, as well as side to side. Ultimately, you can choose dimensions as long as they are larger than the window opening. A larger window covering can make small windows appear bigger. Because the shutters can fold completely out of the way, it opens up the entire view outside your window. And when they’re shut, the outside mounted window-covering blocks out more light. Plus, you don’t usually have to worry about cranks or hardware getting in the way, but there are disadvantages too.

If you have bulky, or thick trim, it will not be easy to place an outside mount shutter. You might need shims or projection brackets. And while this hardware does make it possible to attach outside mount shutters, they don’t always look the best. Outside mount shutters also stick out a bit more.

Choose Your Own Design

The choice for inside or outside mount shutters is up to you. Both options are functional and stylish. The classic lines will give your home the traditional look many homeowners crave. Choose the design that best matches your needs and aesthetic tastes.

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