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Different Functions Of Window Coverings

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Different Functions Of Window Coverings

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When you move into a new house, or want to make a change on the windows of your current house, you might need to get window coverings in Palo Alto, CA. There are many different types and styles to consider, of course, but before you get into those details, it’s important to understand the different functions that window coverings can do so you know what’s important to you and what you want for the ones you get.

Light Filtering

Window coverings are often put into place because light from the sun can get too bright and intense. TO save your eyes, and energy, you might want to close the light out. Or, if you watch a movie or want to take a nap, the light can be annoying as well. If you want to either let all the light in or block all the light out, that’s one type of window covering. But there are others that can filter the light certain directions or just let some of it in at a time. Think about what you want and need and go from there.


Window coverings can also offer privacy, especially in certain rooms of the house. You might want to cover up a bathroom window, if you have one, and you want options in the bedroom as well. Other rooms may not be as important, but you still probably don’t want people to be able to see you working around in the kitchen with the lights on when they drive by at night. Certain window coverings can offer higher levels of privacy so keep that in mind as you look.


The windows on your house make a difference in how your home looks and when you cover them up, you want to do that in an attractive manner, if you can. Window coverings take up a lot of space on your walls and they should match your décor and fit in with your style. That might mean a certain color, a certain style, or something else that makes them look nice in your home and even from outside your home.


Your window coverings offer another layer to your windows so when they are closed, they can help insulate your home. This is great when the sun is really hot and you want to keep it out of the house. The extra layer can keep your home cooler and it can help keep the air inside your house from getting out as well.

When you get window coverings in Palo Alto, CA, it’s good to recognize everything they can do for your house so you get the functions that are most important to you. Prioritize what you want, take a look at your budget, and talk to the specialists at San Francisco Shutters Co for recommendations to help you get just what you need. Call us at (650) 552-9020 or visit our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010 to take a look at examples and get ideas.