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A Kid Safe Window Covering

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Window coverings can be beautiful and functional, but they hide dangers that some parents overlook. Children can be injured in a number of ways and one of the dangers they face relates to window coverings in Saratoga, CA. Children could become injured or even die because of cords that some window coverings have. The good news is that there is a variety of window coverings that are beautiful, fashionable, and most importantly, safe! The Window Covering Safety Council urges homeowners to check their window coverings for dangling cords that could be a hazard to young children. If you want something safe to ensure your children’s health, take a look at these tips.

What to Look for in Window Cords

If you are going to get a window covering with a cord, you need to adhere to certain rules. First move cribs, couches, beds, and other furniture away from the windows so the children can’t reach them. Make sure the cords are short so kids can’t reach them from the ground. And make sure any vertical blinds that have continuous loops are permanently anchored.

What does the “child safe” label mean?

There are some window coverings that will come with a child safe label. It means that the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association has deemed that the window covering meets certain standards. However, the safety standards do not always mean that children are always going to be safe around that window covering.

What is safe for sure?

The best thing for homeowners to do is ensure the safety of their children on their own. Window coverings with no accessibly cords, front or back, are safe for children to be around.

Which window coverings are best?

The best window coverings in Saratoga, CA for the safety of your children are coverings that have no cords at all. Then you don’t have to worry about the cords being an issue at any time. Shutters are a great match that ensures safety with no cords or other hazards. Shutters are permanent fixtures that can also bring style and even value into your home.

Finding the Right Window Covering

There are a lot of things that go into deciding what window covering works in which windows. You have to think about budget, style, size, fit, color, and many other elements. However safety is really the most important thing when it comes to any home with children in it. If your children have any access at all to the windows and if they are ever alone (no one can watch them every second of every day) you really are better off going with shutters.

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