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Why Are Shutters Better?

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When you shop for new window coverings, you will see just how many hundreds of options there are on the market. When it comes to your Los Gatos, CA home, you want the perfect fit that will not only look nice, but will also function in the correct manner and give you some other side benefits. So which window coverings can do all of that? Shutters! It’s really an open and shut case. From security to efficiency, looks to sound proofing, interior shutters carry wit them many benefits that simply make them better.

Cut Bills and Help the Environment

When you close your shutters during the day or overnight, you can reduce your utility bills. In the winter, it’s smart to close them overnight. In the summer, close them any time you aren’t home or even during the day when you are home and don’t need the natural light. The hardwood shutters use fewer precious resources and they keep your energy usage lower, which helps the environment too.

Easy Cleaning for a Healthy House

Dust is hard to combat, but shutters are simply to wipe off. They won’t get ingrained with dust like other materials. That helps homes remain much healthier and will aid those with allergies as well.

Curb Appeal Advantages

When you want your home to look nice for your family and for guests and even potential buyers if you decide to sell someday, nothing does it better than interior shutters. These shutters are modern, and yet they never go out of style. They’re easy to maintain and they can even disguise windows that aren’t quite up to par. The simply look beautiful and welcoming.

Perfect Fittings

Shutters can express your personal style and cover the window space at the same time. They can go in any window you want and fit perfectly since they are made to measure. They can come in different colors, or all the same, depending on your preferences.

Sound Barriers

Shutters, when fully closed, give you a natural sound barrier. When they are open or shut, they are too sturdy to bang around and rattle like normal blinds. And when they are closed, you won’t be able to hear those noisy neighbors any longer.

Access to Privacy

Shutters also give you a higher level of privacy in your home. When you shut them, they keep you and anything else in your home out of sight. You can also slant them so no one can see in, but you are still able to get natural lighting into the room.

If you are interested in Los Gatos, CA interior shutters, there are lots of styles and options to consider. First, call San Francisco Shutters at 855-992-6739 and ask us for some help. We’re ready and willing to take on your project, large or small. Stop by our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and take a look at the options we have available. We want to give your home the beautiful shutter style window coverings it deserves.