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Are Wood Shutters the Best Option?

When looking at window coverings, you may quickly realize it’s a very subjective industry. Some companies will tell you that blinds are the absolute best you can do, while interior designers might want you to go with curtains or drapes. In reality, the final decision is all yours. Are wood shutters the best option for your home in Los Gatos? Only you can decide! The professionals at San Francisco Shutters absolutely love wood shutters! We want to share with you a few reasons why, and then you can decide if they are the best option for your home.

We love wood shutters because…

You can change them!

It’s nice to have a permanent fixture in your home like shutters. You don’t ever have to do anything to them if you don’t want to, other than dust them off on occasion. However, if you decide you’ve had enough of the natural wood look, you can change things up and paint the shutters. It’s nice not to be stuck with the same color, even if you don’t ever change the shutters out. They’re permanent and versatile!

They insulate so well!

There’s never such a thing as too much insulation. Even if you have high quality windows, you can also benefit from another layer of insulation. Wood shutters will do just that for you. Just make sure you close them at night or when the sun shines too hot. They will act as a buffer and another layer of insulation between you and the outside elements.

They’re timeless!

It’s hard to find a window covering that is in style now that will also be in style years from now. But wood shutters truly are! Wood shutters are warm and welcoming and give your home that natural appeal. That’s never going to get old. In fact, not only will they appeal to you and others in later years, but they will also raise the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

They fit in anywhere!

Another reason why wood shutters are so great is because they are versatile and you can choose the options for them yourself. In the end, that means you can make them fit in just about anywhere. Whether you have an older home or something with a modern style. It’s great to be able to have wood shutters that look nice with the style you already chose for the home.

So, what do you think? Do you love wood shutters in Los Gatos, CA like the professionals at San Francisco Shutters? Give us a call at 855-992-6739 and let’s talk over the options during a free consultation. You can also come see the wood shutters yourself at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. We’re happy to show you around and point out the differences between the many options so you can make a final decision with no pressure from us. Your home is just that…yours. You get to make the choices from top to bottom!

The Unmatched Looks Of The Right Window Covering

Living in Los Altos gives you plenty of choices all the way around. No matter what you need to purchase for your home, you can find a variety of options. The same is true about window covering choices. How do you know which is the right option for your home? There may be several different ways you can go, but the fact of the matter is you simply can’t go wrong with a shutter style window covering. Here are a few things the right window covering will do for your home if you choose shutters.

Above the Board Appearance

A window covering can accentuate the look and feel of your home, or it can bring the overall style down. Of course you want the accentuated option. From the moment you have shutters installed as your window covering of choice, you transform the look of any room to something polished and classic. The clean, solid colors add natural beauty and can blend in to any style.

Additional Home Value

Interior shutter window covering styles add to the value of your home. They are permanent fixtures that are highly attractive and something homebuyers look for as a beneficial feature. When a prospective buyer comes through the house, they know they won’t have to do anything in the way of a window covering when there are already shutters in place and they’re willing to pay more for the feature.

Longevity Beyond Belief

No other window covering in Los Altos will last longer or look better for the duration than shutters. Vinyl blinds and shades will break down over time and fabric drapes and other items fade with the sun. But shutters are built to last and will stand up a lifetime, no matter what your home throws their way.

Only the Best Materials and Construction

Interior shutters can withstand temperature changes, humidity, and hard use for many years. The material is high in quality and the finish helps the shutters combat anything that comes their way. The shutters will look the same ten years from now as they do when you buy them. They also come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Versatility in Home Styles

When you put in a new window covering, it might go with your home’s current style, but what if you decide to change things up later? You might have to change the window covering! That is not the case when you have shutters because they can go with any style, no matter how your tastes change over the years.

Energy Efficiency is Top of the Line

There’s always a desire to save on heating and cooling, and using shutters as a window covering can do that as well. Close them up at night and when you aren’t home and you’ll see your bills go down.

When you are looking or just the right window covering Los Gatos, CA, consult with the professionals at San Francisco Shutters by calling 855-992-6739 or visiting 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.

Coastal Window Treatment Designs

Living in Los Altos means you approach the design of your home differently than homeowners in other parts of the country. Not only do homes in Los Altos have a distinct style, but they also have to consider things that homes in other locations do not. That is definitely the case when it comes to window covering options. Here are a few tips to make your window covering look its best and function as you need it to.

Tip 1: Focus on Views and Privacy

When you live somewhere as beautiful as Los Altos, you want to see the views as much as possible. You’ll want a window covering you can keep clear of the windows on a nice day. However, you also want to think about privacy at certain times of the day. Sheer blinds and drapes are a great hit for certain homes, but they can allow people to see into the house as well. You might be better off with wood shutters to get both the views you want and the privacy you need.

Tip 2: Consider the Air

Living in Los Altos means being pretty close to the water. You’re probably all too familiar with what the air in the area can be like. Salty air can speed up rust on a car, corrode metal patio furniture, and even damage window coverings. When you need something long lasting that will function, wood shutters are the way to go. You can consider faux wood if you want less up keep.

Tip 3: Open the Space with Options

You want to be able to let air into your home on a nice day and close it out when the cold window blows. To do that, you want a window covering that won’t blow around in the wind. That means staying away from anything that bangs from a rod and even blinds that will bend and sway. Wood shutters are the perfect answer because they’re more secure and they won’t bang around when the wind comes through. They allow you to open up your room with ease, or close it off when it’s colder. With stylistic versatility, you can keep up with any trend you want in the meantime.

Tip 4: Contact Professionals

Finding the right wood shutters Los Altos, CA home isn’t something you do on a daily basis. However, the professionals at San Francisco Shutters work with shutters all the time. When you’re trying to answer all the big questions, contact us at 855-992-6739 for a free consultation. We’ll help you when you get stumped and ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. You are welcome to browse our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 to see wood shutters and other options in person. We can walk along with you and point out benefits or let you browse on your own. Whether you know what you want or you need help deciding, we’re here to accommodate you wherever you are in the process.

Choosing Interior Shutters

Interior shutters attach to your windows so you have control over the light that comes into your home. There are a number of different styles, materials, and even installation costs to consider. If you have uncovered windows, interior shutters are a good option to consider. But which ones are right for you? Here are some tips to help you make the important decisions.

Tip 1: Study Styles

There are three main interior shutter styles: plantation, cottage, and west coast plantation. Plantation shutters are often recessed inside the window frame and they have wide louvers that can open or close. They are the most widely used shutters in Mountain View. Cottage-style shutters are more prevalent on the East Coast. They have smaller louvers and are installed on hinges that attach to the window frame. They resemble exterior shutters, but they can be opened or closed and are on the inside of the home. West Coast Plantation shutters are also popular around Mountain View as they feature larger panels and louvers than the traditional plantation shutters. Since many windows in Mountain View are larger than they are elsewhere, these types of shutter work well.

Tip 2: Consider Materials

After style, you will also have to think about materials. You can get vinyl shutters, composite options, or wood shutters. Most of the wood shutters are made from basswood and give that classic look. They are more expensive than the other options but they give you the versatility and even the energy efficiency you want. There are cost reasons to go with other options, but wood is usually the best effective alternative.

Tip 3: Consider Cost

You will always need to keep your budget in mind when undergoing a project like this. If you are going to do shutters in the whole house, that will cost more than just one room. Set a budget for the project and try to get shutters that will match that need. If you want true wood shutters and nothing else will do, you may want to save up for a bit before you take the project on. The wood shutters will be with you for the remainder of your time in the house and they are often worth the investment since they raise the house value as well.

When you are ready to make some decisions, or if you need a little help, San Francisco Shutters is here for you. Our shutter professionals have been helping homeowners in the Bay area for 40 years and we have no plans of stopping any time soon! Give us a call with any questions you have at 855-992-6739. We also encourage you to swing by our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 to take a look at Mountain View, CA shutters in person. It can help to differentiate the styles when you see them up close. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Our experts are on hand to give you a free consultation when you arrive!

Vinyl Shutters Vs Wood Shutters

The shutter professionals at San Francisco Shutters get asked this question every day: “are wood shutters better than vinyl shutters?” Customers generally know that vinyl shutters are cheaper, but they want to know why that is and what they’re really getting no matter what direction they go. Let’s take a look at vinyl and wood shutters in Cupertino, CA so you can make an informed decision as to what would be best in your home.

Good Quality Wood Shutters

If you are thinking about getting wood shutters, you will want to make sure they are good quality wood shutters. Good quality wood shutters are made out of 100% basswood and are not composite, particleboard, or any other manufactured type of wood. You have to be careful when you look in order to ensure that you get the best. You will also want to ensure that the wood is 100% sealed so it will stand the test of time in your home.

Wood is not only beautiful and long lasting, but it can also be changed as the years go by. If you decide to re-do your kitchen, you don’t have to throw out the wood shutters and start over. You can change them to accommodate the new style you are incorporating. They are truly permanent in your home so you won’t have to worry about new window coverings ever again.

Vinyl Shutters of Any Quality

Some companies will try to push vinyl shutters onto you because they are cheaper than wood. If customers don’t care about quality and only want to hear about price, maybe that would be okay. But price is only one portion of such a project. If you have to replace shutters again later, that will up the price. Vinyl shutters are made from PVC, which is basically plastic. Some are better quality than others, but any of them can yellow and crack over the years. Once they are ordered and installed in a certain color, they cannot be changed. You can replace them if you want a different color, but that’s as far as you can go.

If you want quality, you’ll work with San Francisco Shutters for all of your wood shutters projects. We have been serving the Bay area with shutters of all different kinds for the past 40 years. Give us a call today at 855-992-6739 and ask about wood shutters and why they are better than vinyl options. It’s okay that we hear the question all the time—we’re happy to answer! You can also stop by our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and take a look at wood shutters in person. We’re open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm. We have shutter experts on hand during our business hours to give you a free consultation about wood shutters Cupertino, CA for your home. Wood shutters can be the finishing touch your home’s windows deserve and we can make it happen!

Misconceptions about Wood Shutters

If you are looking for new window coverings, you have probably noticed there are plenty of options. As you visit friends’ homes or drive through your neighborhood, take a look at what other people have and start imagining what you would like in your home. If you wonder about wood shutters, you may have heard a few things here and there that cause you to lean away from them. Many of those things might be misconceptions, however. Your Los Altos, CA home would likely be well served by wood shutters. Here are a few misconceptions and truths about wood shutters.

  1. Wood Shutters Cost Too Much

It’s true that wood shutters are often more costly than other window coverings. However, they are a far greater value for a variety of reasons. First, they are permanent so they don’t have to be replaced. That means you save money down the road by not buying new window coverings. Second, they help with energy efficiency. Third, they raise the value of your home. The benefits go on and on. So while they cost more upfront, they save more down the road.

  1. Wood Shutters Are Too Cumbersome

There are actually a lot of ways in which wood shutters are easier to operate than other options. For example, wood shutters don’t have strings or cords so they are much safer if you have children or pets around. They are also easier to clean since you can just wipe them down and don’t have to remove them to put them into a machine.

  1. Wood Shutters Don’t Always Fit in

Sure, not every home will be perfect for wood shutters, but interior wood shutters are versatile and can fit in just about anywhere. They can be stained and painted to go along with existing décor and have been known to do well in ultra-modern rooms and traditional rooms alike.

  1. Wood Shutters Don’t Allow for as Many Options

On the contrary, wood shutters actually have more options than some other window coverings. You can get wood shutters that cover just half the window, or double hung shutters that cover both halves separately so one can be open and one closed. You can also get something that covers the entire window and can block out light really well. Light is easy to filter by angling the louvers. The options go on and on.

If you not believe that wood shutters Los Altos, CA might be the right fit for your home, or a certain room in your home, contact San Francisco Shutters at 855-992-6739. We’d love to go over your goals for your house and find the wood shutters to meet those needs. Stop by our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and take a look at some of the options we have to offer. We can also measure your windows for you to ensure you get the exact right fit. We’ve been matching homeowners to the perfect wood shutters for years and we want to do the same for you!

Timeless Benefits of Interior Shutters

Window covering options are plentiful on today’s market. When you are trying to figure out what would work best on your Burlingame, CA home, there is no shortage of options. Whether you currently have blinds, drapes, curtains, or something else, the professionals at San Francisco Shutters encourage you to take a look at shutter style window covering options. Here are just a few reasons interior shutters offer timeless benefits.

They are a permanent addition

Drapes fade and need to be replaced. Other window covering options come and go as well. You have to replace them from time to time to keep them operating and looking nice. But when it comes to shutters as a window covering, they are permanent. You won’t have to replace them ever again, which saves you time and money in the future.

They filter light well

In rooms that you want to darken, even during the day, shutters block out light more completely than many other window covering options. They also filter light in different ways just by rotating the louvers in various angles.

They increase a home’s value

The right quality window shutters increase the resale value on a home. Potential buyers know the shutters are permanent and they appreciate their timeless benefits.

They are easy to clean

There are many window covering options that are a pain when it comes to cleaning. For example, you have to take curtains and drapes down to wash them. Then you have to put them back up again. Shutters minimize allergens because of their solid surfaces, and the dust is easy to wipe off and clean.

They are energy efficient

Shutter window covering options add a layer of insulation to your home. When you close them off, the home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They can deflect the hot sunlight and keep out the cold temperatures. This helps increase the overall energy efficiency of your home and lowers your utility bills.

They are beautiful inside and out

Whether you are outside your house looking at the windows or inside, shutter window covering options look gorgeous. There’s nothing like the beauty of wood and you don’t have to worry about them fading like drapes, shades, or curtains do over time.

They are durable

Shutters can withstand daily use, even in high traffic areas. They are long lasting and they won’t show wear and tear very easily.

If you are ready for the timeless benefits that shutter style window covering options bring with them, contact San Francisco Shutters to start going over your preferences. Give us a call today at 855-992-6739 and we’ll talk through your goals and plans. You can also stop by our showroom and take a look at some of the gorgeous Burlingame, CA interior shutters options we offer in person. We’re located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’re happy to show you around and help you find the perfect match for your home.

Are Shutters the Right Option?

There are no two houses alike and though some houses may have similar styles, they might also feature different window coverings. Though shutters are wonderful in many Los Gatos, CA houses, they aren’t the perfect fit for every home. So when you are looking into new window coverings and are considering shutters, you might wonder if they are the right option for your home. Take a look at some of the details on plantation shutters to help yourself decide what you want to do.

Plantation shutters are a popular choice when it comes to kitchen window coverings.  You will need to know that you are shopping for custom shutters that are built for your windows rather than companies that cut stock panels down to fit. The prices are often very similar, but the way the shutters fit makes a huge difference.

Traditional shutters are not the same as plantation shutters. Traditional shutters have smaller, narrower louvers and are more often found in New England areas. They aren’t installed as often today because they don’t let in as much light and they block the view more when they are open.

The Spanish are credited for introducing the idea of shutters to America. The large plantation homes in the south had wider louvered shutters, which is why they are called plantation shutters. They were designed with narrow divider rails at first to control the top and bottom louvers separately.

Today, plantation shutters come in many different styles and louver sizes. The size you choose is up to you. The 2 ½ inch louver is the most traditional choice and works well in rooms with normal ceiling heights and average windows. If you have high ceilings, 3 ½ inch louvers often look nice.

When shopping for plantation shutters, there are a number of important features to look for and include. A custom shutter company will take measurements of your windows and build shutters to fit. The shutters will look custom built because of the location of the divider rail and their perfect fit.

Shutters with a divider rail that have double hung features are a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. They allow the lower louvers to close for privacy while the top louvers can be open for light and viewing. There are some rooms where you might only want a half shutter, like in the bathroom or kitchen. If you want constant light, but access to privacy, they are a good investment. However they often cost about as much as full shutters, so keep that in mind.

Whether you know just what you want or you still have questions, San Francisco Shutters is here to help. Give us a call at 855-992-6739 and let’s talk over the various shutter options you are considering for your home. No two homes are identical and we want your unique home and style to stand out in your shutters Los Gatos, CA choices. Stop by and see us today at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.

Decisions to Make Before Ordering Wood Shutters

If you are looking into window coverings for your home in Los Gatos, CA, there are plenty of options to consider. Wood shutters are highly popular and there are a lot of exciting choices that can fit into your home’s style with perfection. Before you move forward and order wood shutters, consider a few options when it comes to customizing your order.

Framing and Divider Rails

Not all wood shutters are alike and you need to think about the panel style you would like in your home. You can get full shutters that open as one panel, café shutters that only cover half the window for a clear view above, or double hung shutters that operate at the top and bottom separately. Divider rails are another option to customize your order. These rails are stationary strips that allow you to open the top louvers while the bottom remains closed.  You can put the rails at a specific height, too.

Mounting Options

Wood shutters can be mounted on the inside or outside of a window. To figure out what you want, check your windows to see if there is molding around it. Mount wood shutters inside the window if you have molding or a decorative trim around your window. The wood shutters would attach directly to your window frame and showcase the trim without hiding it. If you do not have decorative trim or molding, you can choose an outside mount to give the window a finished look.

Louver Sizes

Shutters come in a variety of louver sizes. Large louvers give you a clearer view outside while smaller louvers give you a more proportional look on small windows. You will have to decide based on the window size and location which size you prefer.

Tilting Options

Do you want your wood shutters to tilt with a traditional bar or do you want a modern hidden tile to give you a clearer view? They function the same way, but you will have different looks.

Need Help Deciding?

If you don’t know what to do for certain situations, the experts at San Francisco Shutters are here to help. You can reach us at 855-992-6739 and ask any questions you have about wood shutters Los Altos, CA and your specific needs. We love helping homeowners create that special window look. Sometimes it helps to visit our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 in order to take a look at different wood shutters so you can get a feel for the various styles and options. We won’t stop until we find just what you want for your home. Tell us your preferences and we’ll find wood shutters that match. You won’t be sorry you took the time and put the effort into finding just the right shutters. And San Francisco Shutters has the quality options to help you transform ordinary windows into something that looks like it came out of a magazine or movie.

What are Solar Shades?

There are a number of things you need to do in your home to complete the overall look of the house. When it comes to your windows, they aren’t complete until they have the right window covering on them. Some people even call it “dressing the window.” You wouldn’t go out without clothes and your windows don’t look right without them either. When it comes to finding the right window covering, there are a lot of options. One popular choice in Cupertino, CA is solar shades.

Solar Shades?

Solar shades are pull down shades that are easy to open and close. They are great for any window that you want to serve a certain purpose. Perhaps you have a great view out your kitchen window, but the sun comes in too brightly. Just pull down the solar blind and you can maintain your view without letting the sun in.


Solar shades have a lot of benefits that span the window covering Cupertino, CA industry. If you are considering new window coverings, it is a good idea to put them on the list of options. Their benefits include:

Energy Efficiency

Any time you can add a layer of insulation to your windows, you are giving yourself heightened energy efficiency. Not only are solar shades another layer, but they also block out the hot sun, which helps your HVAC unit work less over time to keep you cool when the sun is bright and hot. All that translated to using less energy, which saves you money on your bills.

UV Protectors

Solar shades also act as protection from UV rays. If you go to the beach, you know enough to put on sunscreen if you’re going to be out any length of time. The same can be said about your windows. Solar shades are like sunscreen and UV protection for your windows. They don’t allow the harmful UV rays into your home so your flooring and furniture won’t fade in the sun.

Keep Views In Tact

Normally when you close shades, you lose the view out your window, which can be a real pity in Cupertino. But with solar blinds, you don’t have to worry about that issue any longer. You close the blinds and the sun is blocked, but your view isn’t. You can still see outside just as you could before.


There are also plenty of options when it comes to solar blinds. You don’t have to worry about not having the right color because you can get just about any color you desire to blend into you current décor and personal style.

Is it time to take advantage of the benefits solar blinds offer? Contact San Francisco Shutters at 855-992-6739 and let’s take a look at the options together. We’d love to offer you a free consultation to go over your goals and how we can meet then with solar blinds. You can also come take a look at options in our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.