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Los Gatos, CA window shutters

Can Window Shutters Sell A Home Faster?

There are many attractive elements in a house that can make it sell faster. If you are about to move, your realtor will suggest certain staging things to make your home look larger and more attractive. If your house features any wacky colors that perhaps you love, they might suggest painting a fresh coat of something more neutral. The window treatments in your home can also make a difference as to how fast your house sells. If you install Los Gatos, CA window shutters, you may see a faster home sale than you would otherwise. Here are a few reasons why:

The Insulating Qualities

Home buyers can look past older window treatments, but they might know that they have a project to take on if they don’t like the blinds, shades, or drapes you have up. Those little aesthetic things can go a long way. Plus, when you have window shutters instead of other options, potential buyers know what that means, and your realtor will likely point it out. When the shutters are closed, that’s just another layer of insulation for the home. If they close the shutters overnight and whenever they aren’t home and possibly other times, they can save some serious money on their energy bills. Having that option for insulation on a home is very attractive to many buyers.

The Elegant Appeal

Before buyers get into the details behind the house, they will have to get past the appearance. While some are willing to look past peeling paint and bent mini blinds, others are not. And even those that do are probably going to offer a lower price on the house since they will want to fix those things. Window shutters give a home a polished, finished look and an elegant appeal. It’s a great way to catch the buyer’s eye as soon as they walk in the front door—and hold it through each room of the house.

The Higher Value

When you place window shutters on your home just before you sell, you might think it is a waste of money. After all, it’s an investment and if you aren’t going to live there much longer, it’s one you don’t get to enjoy for very long. However, home buyers recognize the value in window shutters. They know they are worth the extra cost and they are willing to pay more for your house because of it. You end up getting your investment back and selling the house faster.

If you are about to move and you want to find a few ways to spruce your house up so buyers will really want it badly, contact San Francisco Shutters about potentially installing Los Gatos, CA window shutters. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 to get into some details or to set up a consultation appointment. You can also stop by our showroom and have a look at the attractive options we offer. We’re located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’re here to show you around.

Saratoga, CA window covering

Simplifying Windows With Window Shutters

Windows do a lot for any home, but they also have to be covered. If you want your windows to have versatility, light filtering, ventilation, and other options, it’s nice to have variety in your coverings. However, placing curtains over mini blinds or room darkening shades under sheer shades can be cumbersome on any window. Instead of layering covering over covering, use Saratoga, CA window shutters to simplify your windows.

Window coverings that mount on the inside of the window frame, like window shutters, keep your windows minimal and crisp with a smooth, streamlined look. They aren’t overbearing in the room and they never look like ‘too much’ like other options might. Plus, with just one covering, you don’t have an overdone look that can look like a lot in the space.

If you want your windows to look simple and modern, you can go with a neutral shade or tone on your window shutters. White is one of the most popular options, but any lighter wood color will work as well. The neutral tones give the covering a sense of calm that can mellow any room and enhance the overall look of the space.

Since window shutters are a customized look, they will fit your windows exactly, giving them an even more blended, simple appeal. They won’t take over the whole wall or look way too small for the windows—they’ll fit just right. Their classic look fits into any home and can also stand out as a popular design aspect.

It’s all about convenience in today’s society and you can give yourself a simplified version of convenience with window shutters on your windows. You get all of the functions you want, for example, with just one window covering. Window shutters can, for example, completely block out the light or completely let it all in. They can also filter light in certain directions and give privacy. For an added bonus, window shutters insulate the home and add energy efficiency elements to your house. They can save you money on your energy bills and help you pay yourself back for the initial investment.

If you like the idea of something simple, yet also something classic and traditional, Saratoga, CA window shutters might be a good fit for your home. These subtle window treatments can give you all the natural light you want or create a serene spot of solace in a fashionable way, depending on what you need that day. If you want to look into the options, contact San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We can answer your questions over the phone or set up a time for you to come in and have a free consultation with our experts. Our showroom is located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’d love to show you around, get to know you, and align your style and goals with the perfect window shutters. We’re here to help every step of the way, whatever you need to find the right fit.

window shutters in Mountain View, CA

Window Shutter Style Options

Customization is key when you are working on getting new window coverings for your home. You can’t buy something off a shelf and expect it to fit exactly. If you want to go the extra step and get something truly special, you might consider Mountain View, CA window shutters. Customized shutters are luxurious window treatments, but they come in a number of styles. You’ll want to choose the right style to add the right element of design to your home to go along with the functions and other benefits window shutters bring. Here are a few options to consider:

French Door Shutters

You probably know what French doors are. They’re two doors that open opposite ways and meet in the middle. You can get window shutters in the same style. They can make an elegant statement and allow you to get the benefits of window shutters all at once.

Multi-Tier Shutters

These shutters are good in locations with multiple windows. Perhaps you have a picture window you want to cover and windows above or below it that operate that also need coverings. Multi-tier shutters allow you to cover everything and open and close just some of the tiers for a truly customized light filtering service. Café shutters are one such example. They cover just the bottom portion of a window while leaving the upper portion open to natural light at all times.

Arched Window Shutters

If you have any uniquely-shaped windows, like arches over a bank of casement windows, they are stunning with shutters on them. These windows are often higher up on the wall so you may not need shutters for privacy purposes. However, there might be a time when you want to block out the natural light in the room to give yourself cool darkness. Plus, shutters on arches windows can give your home a truly unique appeal.

Angled Window Shutters

If you have any windows that are angled, like two windows that meet in a corner, you might think you can’t have a shutter for that location, but customized shutters can fit into any window. Even small windows or angles windows can have shutters to suit their sizes and needs.

Wide Slat Shutters

Wide and extra wide slats are becoming very popular, especially in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen. You can get the privacy you need, but you can also ventilate and let in as much natural light as you want when you want.

It takes time and precision to find the right window shutters in Mountain View, CA. When you’re ready to start the process, contact the experts at San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We’re here to talk through all of the style options for you so you are able to think through the pros and cons of each and make the right decisions for your home. Visit our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and start to get a feel for the different window shutters we offer. Tell us your goals and we’ll make professional recommendations for you.

window shutters in Los Altos, CA

Choosing Materials For Window Shutters

If you’d love nothing more than to add Los Altos, CA window shutters to your home as window coverings, you’re in for a treat. These classic, elegant window coverings can add both style and value to your home as well as new functions. Once you know you want window shutters, you’ll have to turn to the next decision on the table—what material do you want? There are a number of options to consider.

Wood Shutters

Window shutters have been made from wood for as long as they’ve been in America. Some of the original wood window shutters were made more like artwork than a simple craft. Now, however, the process has been streamlined and there are many different materials to choose from and still get quality shutters. Wood shutters are usually at the top of the list. They are luxurious and give your home a warm, classic feel with the rich graining and durability. There’s nothing like wood when it comes to window shutters. You can get traditional white, dark glazes, and neutral colorings all under the wood umbrella. With enough options for stains and paints, you can have window shutters that match any color or style. Wood sometimes needs care as the years go by, but with its substantial beauty, it’s often worth it.

Composite Wood Shutters

Composite wood shutters give you the wood core you want with a vinyl covering to protect the wood from humidity and wear and tear. The hollow louvers give you a high level of insulation and still look like wood. This option gives you the look of wood with the added practicality of vinyl. You have easier care in the future with this choice.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are made completely of synthetic materials. They can still give you a classic wood look, but the vinyl materials resist scratches, warping, and other things that can happen to wood over the years. These shutters are great for active areas of the house, like the bathroom, the kitchen, or a child’s playroom. They are low maintenance, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Now that you’ve seen a few different materials for window shutters, what would work best for your home? Some homeowners choose a material and have all of the window shutters made from the same thing. Others can’t get over their love of wood shutters and they want as many of those as they can get. However, they see the practicality of vinyl shutters, like in the bathroom where humidity is common. So they might get mostly wood, but vinyl in a few locations. The options are limitless and the decisions are completely yours.

When you’re ready to move forward, or if you need help with the decisions, contact the experts at San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We help with windows shutters in Los Altos, CA and we’re here to help you with yours. Stop into our showroom and see some of the options we offer. We’re located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’d love to show you around.