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San Jose, CA window shutters

Loving Window Shutters To Their Fullest

San Jose, CA window shutters are one of the classic, beautiful ways to enhance a window while giving the home more versatility in light filtering. The design of window shutters is impressive and has taken care of functional and aesthetic needs for centuries. The ancient Greeks get the credit for inviting shutters, but the louvers were then made out of marble. While marble is a beautiful material, it’s not very practical for everyday use in a home. When the popularity of shutters spread, wood replaced those marble slats and the louvers were able to move with ease to adjust for light and air control. Shutters took over Spain and came over to America when the Spanish started to colonize the New World.
Window Shutters are most well known in the American south as large, colonial mansions took their place and elevated shutters to an iconic window treatment. They were always painted white and often had wide louvers, which gave them a stunning visual effect. Plantation shutters were popularized in the 1980s and included large louvers that were able to rotate open or close to filter both light and air. Now that you know a little more about the history of window shutters, do you want them in your house?

What Are Window Shutters?

Some people picture the devices on the outsides of houses that can close over windows. While those are shutters, there’s also an interior version. Shutters are solid, rigid window treatments that have a framework with fixed or movable vanes running horizontally across the structure. Shutters can be one unit to cover the whole window or several sections of shutters to take care of a larger window. Each area of the window could be opened or closed independently. Shutters can be mounted on the interior or exterior of the window’s frame inside the house and there are many different types. Café shutters, for example, only cover the bottom of the window to give privacy and light control while allowing the rest of the window to stay open to the natural lighting. There are also full shutters that cover all of the window and they can come in any shape or size. Shutters give the ultimate level of privacy as well as flexible light and air control. They add value to a home and they bring an extra level of style.

San Jose, CA window shutters are often the supreme choice for window coverings that go well with interior designs. If you’re fascinated by their history or enjoy their presence and style, you might want to look into options for your house. When the time is right, contact San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We can answer your questions about window shutters and get to know your situation a bit better so we can make expert suggestions and recommendations. You can also come take a look at the shutters we offer. Our showroom is located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’re here to help you figure out what’s best for your home.

window shutters in Palo Alto, CA

Do Window Shutters Fit Your Home?

When you see an outfit in a store window, you might automatically know whether or not it’s your style. You know what you like and what looks good on you. What about your house, though? Window coverings are like dressings for the home and your home has a certain style, whether you’re intentional about it or not. If you’re looking into new window coverings, are Palo Alto, CA window shutters a good fit? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  

First, do you have a home? This might sound sarcastic as you would not be looking for window coverings otherwise, but the fact of the matter is that if you have a nice house, window shutters will look good on it. Whether you have a modern home, a Victorian, or something in between, you can find window shutters that will suit your home. There are different colors, styles, slat sizes, and other options to consider and they can help make the window shutters fit right in.  

Second, do you like sound investments? Whenever you take on a home improvement project, you want to know you’ll get a return on your investment. The fact of the matter is that window shutters cost more than other window coverings, but the good news about that is that you get more for your money. Your home’s value will increase, for example, and your energy bills could go down. You also never have to replace window shutters so you cut that future expense out as well.  

Third, do you want a classic, elegant look? Window shutters can bring a new sense of style to any room. They simply look great. And they’re not something that goes in and out of style, like many other window coverings. Their style is classic and here to stay so you won’t have to worry about feeling off trend in a few years.  

Fourth, do you want to never mess with window covering purchases again? Admit it, buying new window coverings isn’t at the top of your fun list. Not many people thoroughly enjoy the process, but you will enjoy the results once your window shutters go in. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy those results for the long haul. Window shutters are permanent fixtures on your house, which is a big part of why they raise its value overall. They don’t have to be replaced—ever.  

Have these questions shown you that your home indeed fits into the style that Palo Alto, CA window shutters can bring? The experts at San Francisco Shutters Co. would love to talk to you about the options and help you figure out what fits in best with the happenings in your home. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 to set up a free consultation or stop by our showroom and look at samples at 1676 Gilbreth Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010. We can ask you questions about your home and lifestyle and give you ideas as to which shutters will work best to fit into your house. 

Saratoga, CA wood shutters

Saving Money With Window Shutters

When you start to look into various window coverings, you will compare the prices of the products to see what fits into your budget. While you will automatically notice that Saratoga, CA window shutters cost more than other options, you might not understand that those extra costs come with a lot of savings as well. The price tag doesn’t tell the whole story, but now, you can learn just how much you can save if you go with window shutters.  

Save On Future Replacements 

How long did you have blinds in your windows before you had to replace them with something new? Curtains fade, right? There aren’t very many window coverings that are permanent, but window shutters are. You don’t have to replace them—ever. So while you are paying more upfront for window shutters than you might other options, you won’t ever have to change them out and, in the long run, that can save you quite a bit.  

Save On Energy Bills 

You might know that you lose more heat and air through your windows than any other source in your house. If you have newer windows, that’s great, but they still transfer air back and forth, even a little bit. You can put a stop to that with window shutters. Keep your shutters closed when you are away for the day or overnight and you’ll see your energy bill dip down lower. The less energy you waste, the more you save on your bills. That savings can help you pay back for the larger sticker price the window shutters have on them upfront.  

Save On Maintenance 

Curtains get dingy and dirty and they have to be taken all the way down, washed, and then put back up. Plus, if the fabrics are anything special, they might even need dry cleaning treatments. That costs time and money. Other window coverings have other maintenance involved that can cost time and/or money. With window shutters, you just don’t have to do that much. They will get dusty, but the dust won’t cling to them like it does blinds so you can wipe them off pretty quickly when you dust other parts of your house.  

These savings are enough to add up to pay for the difference in the initial price of your window shutters. If you’re interested in looking over options for Saratoga, CA window shutters, contact San Francisco Shutters Co. to go over some options. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 and we can set up a free consultation to talk about choices and look at examples. Our showroom is located at 1676 Gilbreth Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 if you’d like to stop by and see some samples. Window shutters look great in the showroom, but when you invite us to your home for measuring, we can bring some ideas and colors with us to look at in the natural light of your home to give you an even better idea of what things will look like once they are installed. 

window shutters in Mountain View, CA

Bring High Style To A Home With Window Shutters

There are nearly limitless options for window coverings today. If you have bare windows, you want to cover them for privacy, energy efficiency, and style reasons. But what coverings are right for you? If you have mixed priorities and you really want it all, including the height of style, Mountain View, CA window shutters are your best solution. Here are a few ways in which these window coverings bring your house around to the highest levels of stylishness.  

Window Shutters Raise Value 

If you were to install blinds on your home, you could raise and lower them, blocking or letting light in as you please. You can also direct the slats certain ways to filter the light, much like with window shutters. However, blinds aren’t going to do much to raise the value of your home. They’re not permanent, don’t look as good, and have a shorter shelf-life. Window shutters, on the other hand, are something you only have to install once. After they are in, they’re there to stay and anyone who wants to buy your home in the future appreciates that fact. These window coverings raise the overall value of your home so they give you a return on your investment.  

Window Shutters Don’t Go Out Of Style 

There are plenty of window coverings that go in and out of style. One year, curtains are all the rage and the next, shades. Window shutters, however, are classic in their elegance and style and they aren’t something that ever goes ‘off season.’ These versatile coverings show anyone that sees your home that you have a great sense of style, no matter how long they stay on your windows.  

Window Shutters Are Beautiful 

There are many different window coverings out there that can look nice on a home. If you get honeycomb, cellular shades in the right color for a room, they look great. But when you change the style of the room later, who knows. Window shutters, on the other hand, always look beautiful in the room. They bring a natural elegance to any space that just doesn’t go away. If you really want to add style to your house, the beauty that window shutters carry can go the extra mile in any room.  

Are you interested in the classic elegance Mountain View, CA window shutters have to offer? They make a world of difference on any home, not only in style, but also in energy efficiency, light filtering options, and a number of other ways. Talk to the professionals at San Francisco Shutters Co. by calling (650) 552-9020 for a free consultation and we’ll tell you more about window shutters. We love window shutters, ourselves, and we want to find just the right options for your home. You get to make the decisions, but we’re happy to provide the information you need to make smart choices. Stop by and see sample window shutters at 1676 Gilbreth Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 where we can show you around or let you browse on your own.