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What are Solar Shades?

There are a number of things you need to do in your home to complete the overall look of the house. When it comes to your windows, they aren’t complete until they have the right window covering on them. Some people even call it “dressing the window.” You wouldn’t go out without clothes and your windows don’t look right without them either. When it comes to finding the right window covering, there are a lot of options. One popular choice in Cupertino, CA is solar shades.

Solar Shades?

Solar shades are pull down shades that are easy to open and close. They are great for any window that you want to serve a certain purpose. Perhaps you have a great view out your kitchen window, but the sun comes in too brightly. Just pull down the solar blind and you can maintain your view without letting the sun in.


Solar shades have a lot of benefits that span the window covering Cupertino, CA industry. If you are considering new window coverings, it is a good idea to put them on the list of options. Their benefits include:

Energy Efficiency

Any time you can add a layer of insulation to your windows, you are giving yourself heightened energy efficiency. Not only are solar shades another layer, but they also block out the hot sun, which helps your HVAC unit work less over time to keep you cool when the sun is bright and hot. All that translated to using less energy, which saves you money on your bills.

UV Protectors

Solar shades also act as protection from UV rays. If you go to the beach, you know enough to put on sunscreen if you’re going to be out any length of time. The same can be said about your windows. Solar shades are like sunscreen and UV protection for your windows. They don’t allow the harmful UV rays into your home so your flooring and furniture won’t fade in the sun.

Keep Views In Tact

Normally when you close shades, you lose the view out your window, which can be a real pity in Cupertino. But with solar blinds, you don’t have to worry about that issue any longer. You close the blinds and the sun is blocked, but your view isn’t. You can still see outside just as you could before.


There are also plenty of options when it comes to solar blinds. You don’t have to worry about not having the right color because you can get just about any color you desire to blend into you current décor and personal style.

Is it time to take advantage of the benefits solar blinds offer? Contact San Francisco Shutters at 855-992-6739 and let’s take a look at the options together. We’d love to offer you a free consultation to go over your goals and how we can meet then with solar blinds. You can also come take a look at options in our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.

Reasons To Consider Room Darkening Shades

There are a number of window covering options on the market and it can be hard to decide between the varieties of choices out there. Room darkening shades are specialized window coverings that are made of fabric, plastic, or metal. They serve as an effective barrier against light. They can come in a number of styles and can match your existing décor. There are an endless array of colors, patterns, and prints. When you are thinking about what to do with your Saratoga, CA home, you may want to consider room darkening shades for a number of reasons.

Reason 1: Better Sleep

Most people install room darkening shades for this reason alone. The room darkening shades can block out the light in bedrooms and allow you to sleep better, even when the sun starts to rise. Whether you have a child that naps during the day, you work overnights and sleep during the daylight hours, or you want to block the rising sun, room darkening shades can help.

Reason 2: Energy Efficiency

There’s nothing like a steep utility bill to ruin your day, and California has some of the worst bills around. However, room darkening shades are so good at keeping the sunlight out, they can also prevent heat from getting into your home and stealing your energy efficiency. In the summer, keep them closed and you’ll stay cooler. In the winter, they can block the chill from the air in your house as well. You will save money and energy with your room darkening shades.

Reason 3: Protect Furnishings and Flooring

Furniture and flooring ages prematurely in Saratoga just because of the sun. The exposure to the sun makes things fade fast, but if you have room darkening window shades, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. You can extend the life of your furniture and flooring and keep things looking like new by blocking out the harmful UV rays.

Reason 4: Ultimate Privacy

When you have a window covering on a window, you want privacy when it is closed. There are some shades that you can still see through, if only shadows and figures. When it comes to ultimate privacy, there’s nothing better than room darkening shades that won’t let light in or out. No one will be able to see any part of you when they are closed.

If you think you might want room darkening shades, talk to the experts at San Francisco Shutters. You can give us a call today at 855-992-6739 to ask questions or set up a free consultation. You can also come to our showroom and look at room darkening shades in person. We’re located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’d be happy to show you around and get to know your window covering Saratoga, CA goals so we can help you find the right match. Not every shade is perfect for every window and we want to make a match that suits your style and needs.

The Advantages of Cordless Blinds

Your home revolves around its atmosphere and there is a number of things you want to do to create the home of your dreams. When it comes to your windows, of course you want ventilation at times to let the Saratoga, CA breeze in. But the California heat can be too much as well and you need to be able to shut the sun out at other times. Most window coverings are made from wood, metal or plastic, but there are cordless blinds on the market today that are rising in popularity. They are useful in a number of ways and carry plenty of benefits for Saratoga homeowners. Here are just a few to consider.

#1: Cordless Blinds Are Easy to Use

Most window treatments have loose, dangling cords that get tangled and are harder to use as time goes by. With cordless blinds, you just push them open or pull them closed. There is no maintenance, no effort, and no changes over time. You can position the blinds at any height you want.

#2: Cordless Blinds are Safer for Pets and Children

Children are prone to playing with things they shouldn’t, and you can’t keep cats away from cords no matter how hard you try. If your window treatments have cords, that’s a risk to children and pets. You never know when a pet or child will get tangled in a cord. It could cause trips, accidents, or worse. Cordless blinds are simply safer because your child or pet can’t injure themselves on them. There are no more entanglement hazards around the blinds.

#3: Cordless Blinds Give a Clean Look

When your blinds don’t have cords, they have a cleaner look than other blinds. Cords certainly don’t add to the style or decoration of your home and they can often take away from the look because of their tangled, messy look. You can’t pull them out or change them so you’re stuck. With cordless blinds, you never have to worry about those issues.

#4: Plenty of Choices

Manufacturers are making more cordless blinds now than ever before. They are creating them because they are becoming more popular and also because they are safer and cleaner in the home. You should be able to find a different model or style for any window you want to cover.

If you are interested in cordless blinds, wood shutters, or other window covering options, contact San Francisco Shutters today at 855-992-6739. We’d love to offer you a free consultation to go over your window treatment goals in order to help you find the right fit. We love to install wood shutters Saratoga, CA and other options and leave our customers with the look and feel they’ve always wanted to have. Stop by and check out some of our options today at our showroom, located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. We can answer any questions you have about window coverings at that time.

What are the Best Window Treatments for Large Windows?

Large windows are great when you live in Palo Alto, CA and want that beautiful sunshine to beam into your home. But the reality is, the sun can be hot! And sometimes you want privacy. Window coverings are still necessary. So what are some of the best window treatments for large windows? The good news is, you have plenty of options! Since larger windows are a trend, the window covering industry has gotten on board to offer a variety of answers to the covering issue.

Blinds and Shades with Corded Loops

Blinds and shades that have a continuous, cord loop lift system are great for large windows. They allow you to raise and lower the window covering in an even manner that is easy and effective. You don’t have to worry about one side being higher and rising faster than the other, especially when you can’t reach the other side to fix it. The blinds look great and they last longer as well.

Many Blinds, One Head rail

If you have a large window you want to cover, you could get one head rail with several blinds attached. That gives you full window coverage, but allows you to operate the shades in a separate manner. You don’t have to worry about the shades bowing in the middle because they are too heavy. And you can block out just some of the window to still allow natural light into the room.

Light Materials

When you are looking for a window covering for a larger window, think about lighter materials like single cell honeycomb shades or sheer shades. The lighter the window coverings are, the less likely they will be to bow in the center. You will want to make sure you use them correctly, they need to be functional, and lighter materials will help with that.


Shutters are a great idea for any sized window. When you are looking for the best window treatments for large windows, shutters are still great options. They add value to the home and are installed on a permanent basis. They allow you to block some or all of the light out, as you wish and they add style to the room at the same time.

Finding the best window treatment Palo Alto, CA for large windows can be a challenge, but San Francisco Shutters is up to that challenge. Give us a call today at 855-992-6739 and walk us through your window issues. We’ll find the window covering to fit any window, large or small, and help you reach your natural lighting goals as well. We have plenty of options to consider and we want to show you what we have to offer. Stop by our showroom today at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and take a look at the quality products we have on hand. It’s often easier to imagine the window coverings in your home if you see them in person first before making a purchase.