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Finding the Right Shutter Options for Your Home

Cupertino homeowners are adding a special touch to the exterior of their homes by installing new shutters that create a bright and welcoming tone. While often overlooked, shutters are an elegant design factor that can make a lasting first impression on those who pass by. However, shopping for shutters may not be as simple of a process as many people expect it to be. There are a wide variety of shutter styles and materials on the market, and it may be an overwhelming task for homeowners looking for the perfect fit for their home. To assist you in the buying process, here we will be discussing two of the most popular shutter materials, wood, and polymers:

Wood Shutters

Wood has been a long time favorite for homeowner due to its warm feel, rich colors, and natural tone. Wood shutters are available in a wide variety of species, and in the event that you cannot find the exact style you are looking for they are easily stained or painted. Wood shutters are easily customized with ingraining and design cut outs to fit the personal tastes of the homeowner. Some homeowners choose to add cutouts shaped like anchors for beach houses or intricate designs for a cottage feel. Wood shutters are stronger than other materials on the market and are known for being lighter as well. Wood shutters can easily be incorporated into any panel style and size. The downside of wooden shutters is that they may require more maintenance than other materials. Homeowners may find themselves having to sand and repaint their shutters over time. Wood shutters can also be more expensive than other shutter options on the market.

Poly Shutters

Poly shutters have made a name for themselves due to their durability and extensive shelf life. These shutters are perfect for homeowners living in areas where harsh weather occurs frequently. Thanks to its durable finish, poly shutters can hold their color throughout their lifetime without requiring any further maintenance. Poly shutters are also moisture resistant, helping them protect your windows and home from excess moisture damage. Another benefit you can expect from poly shutter is that their price tag is relatively lower than other shutter materials on the market. There are, however, some disadvantages to these windows. Poly material is notoriously heavy, which can place added pressure on the frames and windows that are holding them. Poly windows are also more limited when it comes to color options and panel sizes, so it is best to ensure that poly windows are available in the specific style you are looking for.

When shopping for the perfect shutters in Cupertino, CA, it is always best to speak with a shutters expert. At San Francisco Shutters we make customer service our highest priority. Our highly trained team is ready to help guide you through the many shutter options currently available on the market. To speak with a shutter professional, simply give us a call at 855-639-5941 or visit us in person at our showroom locates at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame California 94010.

Shutter Style Window Coverings

Window coverings are like clothing for your home. In fact, they actually clothe your family in necessary privacy. Sure, ordering some inexpensive curtains or blinds is an easy and cheap way to “clothe” your home and provide discretion for your family; but, they are exactly that: easy and cheap. Don’t you deserve nice things? Yes. You do.

If you have just moved into a home or are looking around your space and realizing the time has come to add sophistication and luxury—San Francisco Shutters is just around the corner, ready to collaborate with you!

What our team at San Francisco Shutters in Los Altos can do for you
For more than forty years, San Francisco Shutters has been serving the Bay Area, converting nice homes into breathtaking homes with our Los Altos shutter-style window coverings. Choosing the right window coverings is typically one of the final steps homeowners take, whether they are in the home building, flipping, or renovation processes. This is to say, this is often a looked-over detail—but it should not be. We are experts in this area and understand how overwhelming choosing the right details to fit your needs can be. Additionally, the staff here at San Francisco Shutters puts client satisfaction first. With us, you will experience the reverence we have for your home, family, budget, preferences, reservations, and vision.

Selling your home?
Did you know your choice in window coverings often is the tipping scale for potential home-buyers? This ranks up there with a clear inspection and curb appeal. Why? Well, blinds and curtains simply do not have a huge impact on resale value. Shutters do, due to their charm, customization, and semi-permanence. Buying a home is stressful and any pending/future expense you, as the seller, can remove from the mind of a potential buyer will aid in selling your house over the nearby competition.

Despite whatever conceptions you have about shutter-style window coverings, be prepared for many more options than you realized exist. Shutters have evolved greatly in the last twenty years! Ask us about our material options (even imported, exotic woods!), interior and exterior styles, customizations, colors, movable and immobile selections, longevity, etc.

Think about window coverings in terms of life stages. Blinds are the “baby step;” the most generic, one-size-fits-all of the choices. Baby steps are not bad. They are simply not what one expects to see in an established, sophisticated home. Neither are curtains. Though this option is not necessarily lacking in personality, this is only the “young adult stage.”Curtains can be beautiful and inexpensive, but they do not add value for equity or resale—which are both very grown, sophisticated concepts. Shutters are the grown, established window covering; the “adult stage.” They are the graduated combination of all the stages: customized, not generic; beautiful, but not cheaply manufactured; customized and permanent, not without value.

Look around your space. Is it as beautiful and welcoming as you always dreamed it to be? Isn’t it time for a sophisticated, charming upgrade? Our team at San Francisco Shutters is waiting to help you graduate your home into the beautiful space you deserve.

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Wood Shutters: Benefits In Los Gatos

Let’s be honest: adding interior wood shutters to your home is a significant expense. They typically cost more than blinds and standard-sized curtains; they often require customization and a professional installer. So, why even bother?

As with any expenditure, there must be a benefit which outweighs the cost, right? I am here to tell you, the benefits wood shutters offer your home can not be matched by the cheap blinds and curtains you pick out online. Below is an outline of benefits wood shutters will afford you and your Los Gatos home.

Benefit: resale
Thisis, inarguably, the primary difference between replaceable/removable blinds and curtains, and the impact of interior wooden shutters. The value of your home skyrockets. This is a benefit for all homeowners—even those of you reading this that plan never to sell your home. How? Equity is security. Our economy is finicky, especially in California, and when the market dips or we face another recession, your home’s value will work either for you or against if and when you choose to refinance or sell, depending on the equity you have in it.

Benefit: durability and quality
Obviously, shutters of any kind are more durable than bother window coverings. And, of course, there are other materials besides various woods, and at San Francisco Shutters we offer an array of options. Wood shutters, however, are of the highest quality and are built in the USA to last a lifetime. Choose from durable woods, such as Basswood, Oak, Cherry, Cedar, etc. Our standard woods are domestically forested under the strictest requirements for durability.

Benefit: aesthetics and charm
This may go without saying, but wood shutters are, undeniably, the most beautiful of all the shutter options. And, San Francisco Shutters has been the premier supplier and installer for interior (and exterior!) wood shutters in Los Gatos CA and the surrounding areas for decades. Said differently: this is what we Our team takes creating only the most beautiful shutters of all sizes, stains, and shapes very seriously.

Benefit: privacy and safety
Have you ever—ACCIDENTALLY—seen into someone’s windows, even though their blinds or curtains were drawn? Yes, you have; you can admit it. We all have. This is because blinds and curtains allow for shadows and trace movements even when they are closed for privacy. Shutters do not allow for outsiders to see in when drawn. Need we say more on this topic? Maybe this should have been Point #1…

Benefit: temperature control and insulation
Adding shutters to your windows to be closed at night or when you are away at work, on vacation, or out errand-running is like adding a wall between the temperatures drafting through the glass and your family who expects to remain comfortable, indoors. And, this expected comfort comes with cost-savings on your utility bills. Shouldn’t regulated temperatures and un-wasted energy in your home be a given? It can be, with San Francisco Shutters in your home!

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Choosing Your New Shutters: A Detailed Style Guide

Everyone has an opinion and, unfortunately, everyone believes his or hers to be right. Have you ever asked, regrettably, what your friends or family thought you should do to redecorate your home or to plan your dream wedding? Most of us have been there: wishing to recall our words and move forward with our original plans.

Now, it is time to choose the best shutters for your Los Gatos home and—thank goodness—you are older and wiser: you know to consult a professional and unveil your choice to the family and friends after the change has been made. Bravo!

Side note: if anyone reading this has not yet experienced an overbearing family/friend involvement after (mistakenly) asking for an opinion—don’t do it. Take it from the professionals at San Francisco Shutters: you want to consult your partner or spouse (if you have one), and a professional who is experienced in guiding you through selecting what you love and what you can afford for your home.

Okay, we have addressed the most important step: eliminating extra confusion and influence. Now, we can break down the shutter styles and get you started down the path to a refreshed and personalized Los Gatos home! The below is a detailed description of each shutter styles, both interior and exterior options.

Types of shutters
Louvered (exterior): These have overlapping slats, set into their frames uniformly. Very popular among an array of architectural styles; these are beautiful whether painted for an added flare of contrast or stained for a natural look.

Raised Panel (exterior): Decorative in nature to boost curb appeal, these are more often than not the shutters associated with window boxes for the ever-popular garden style.

Board and Batten (exterior): Made of individual boards joined by cross pieces (battens). Choose with or without arch-top or squared style joined in the middle.

Plantation (exterior): Very popular in the South and growing in popularity nationwide. These shutters add a calm, laid-back vibe to any residence. Also, plantation shutters are constructed with wide louvers to allow fresh California air through.

Shaker Style (interior): Often painted to blend into a room and perfect for a simplistic decor. Made of solid, flat panels (which are perfect for keeping out the Los Gatos sunrays!) and extremely functional.

Café (interior): Ever eaten in a French bistro and fallen in love with the charm? If so, these are your shutters. Louvered and cover the bottom half of a window for privacy with maximum sunlight.

California (interior): Very similar to plantation style shutters, but for the inside of your home! These filter out bright light and summer heat. These also have that Southern, homey charm for the laid-back (yet aristocratic) homeowner.

Combination (interior/exterior): Mix and match! You can choose two or more styles to create the look you want. Go on—create the Southern, French bistro, modern-sophisticated look if you want it!

Do not overthink this. Choose which style suits you best and let the staff at San Francisco Shutters make your home your dream home. We cannot wait to meet you!

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