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Upgrading Your Los Altos Home With New Wood Shutters

This goes without saying: wood shutters are beautiful. They add elegance and sophistication to your home. But, aesthetics are not everything; especially with regard to home renovations and upgrades. Further, if you have an ultra-pragmatic spouse/partner, an addition to your home of any kind will need more than, “sweetie—wood shutters are so beautiful!”

Let me help you out, as I have experience in being married to the logical type and know you and your spouse/partner will be thrilled with our team at San Francisco Shutters. We have decades of experience and are committed to ensuring the highest quality work and satisfaction.

Below is a bullet-proof guide to convincing your spouse/partner of your home’s need for wood shutters.

  1. TIP #1: Value and Curb Appeal
    Just as a newly paved driveway and manicured yard raises the value of your home, as do wood shutters. Whether you are preparing to place your home on the Los Altos market or wanting to raise the equity in your home for future security (think: economy fluctuations and your home equity), adding high quality Los Altos CA wood shutters is one of the least costly, yet highly effective ways to accomplish this.). Sure, there are many materials shutters come in (and San Francisco Shutters can discuss all of these with you), but authentic wood shutters add the greatest value. And, as we grow with our homes, the importance of upgrading the furnishings and window treatments grows, as well (albeit, for most of us, this is a slow and steady process).
  1. TIP #2: Privacy and Security
    Here’s a winning argument for the privacy-conscious spouse: aside from an unsightly set of blackout curtains, there are no other window coverings which provide complete privacy as shutters. In addition, closed and secured shutters are another layer to break-through, should an intruder come poking around.
    (Note: if your spouse suggests another material as an alternate option, refer to TIP #1 regarding the value authentic wood shutters provide!)

  2. TIP #3: Protection from Extreme Weather
    This may not apply in every area of the country, but here in Los Altos we do, occasionally, experience extreme weather. Wood shutters provide peace of mind! They are a naturally shatter-resistant layer of protection for your family during severe storms and could even save you thousands in damages should a hellacious storm strike your neck of the woods.
  1. TIP #4: Aesthetics
    I know, I did say this cannot be your only reason for considering shutters for your home but it is, in fact, a compelling one. After strategically explaining to your (logical) spouse TIPS #1-3, aesthetics can be introduced as a bonus. Shutters add “pop” and contrast to your home, in much the same way as adding jewelry to your body or spoilers and rims to your car (use the metaphor most appropriate for your husband/wife). Shutters are added personality, versatility, and beauty: the perfect accent to your home.

Give us a call. We cannot wait to make your Los Altos home beautiful with our wood shutters!

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Tips For Choosing The Right Window Coverings For Your Home: Shutters

Year after year, more home- and condo-owners are choosing shutters as their choice window covering. Here in Los Gatos and the surrounding area, both interior and exterior shutters have exploded in popularity because of their charm, durability, energy savings, and impact on resale value.

But, how do we choose the right shutters for our homes? Who knew there were so many options and how does one narrow down which is best, most beautiful, and budget friendly? At San Francisco Shutters, we want to help you with your search and customizable options. Our team has been in this business for over forty years and knows exactly how to help you accent your home to match your taste and fit your budget.

Check out these tips for choosing the right shutters for your Northern CA home!

Interior vs. Exterior
We have to start here: interior or exterior? Sure, we can easily dissect the style of your home (do you have a cottage, a condo, an art-deco home, or 18th and 19th Century architecture…) or discuss the added value shutters will add; but, the truth is that shutters look beautiful in or outside any home and always plump up the value. Great!

More importantly: your preference. Do you know which option(interior or exterior) sings to you? No? Ok, close your eyes and imagine your home. Seriously, close your eyes for a moment and imagine your home. (I am going somewhere, I promise.)Alright, just now, when you pictured your home, were you outside looking at your house our inside looking around your house? Essentially, this question is intended to get your wheels turning. Where do you spend your time: inside or outside? Which is most important to you: a welcoming exterior or a homey interior?

Study style
If you are anything like most, shutter styles may not have occurred to you beyond indoor/outdoor and color pallet. But there are many choices: interior plantation and cottage shutters, elliptical, flat, European—most with and without louvers; exterior movable and immovable shutters, louvered, raised, or combination. Materials range from woods like rot-resistant incensed cedar with and without finish (or custom-chosen woods from around the globe—tell us what you want!), to composite materials. These can be divided, narrow, wide, customized to match a style you have already fallen for or once had in a previous home. Do a little homework and save pictures of the styles to which you are drawn. We want to make your style dreams come true!

Consider cost
A lot of companies out there will try to convince you to select the most expensive styles and materials available. This is not what San Francisco Shutters is about—we will find ways to match your preference with your budget because we understand cost is the ultimate parameter to work within. Our team will lay out all costs and customization break-downs to ensure you are getting exactly what you want for your Los Gatos, CA window shutters project that’s within your budget.

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Why Hire Professional Shutter Installation

When it comes to home repairs or upgrades, you might prefer to do the work yourself so you can save money. There are some things that you can most definitely do on your own while other items should be left to professionals. Installing window shutters in Los Altos might seem simple enough, but it is actually a complicated job that you will want to hire out. Here are a few reasons why.

Reason 1: Tools

Depending on the type of shutters you purchase, you will need a certain set of tools in order to get the installation process going. Professionals have those tools and will bring everything they need along with them. You won’t have to buy tools you’ll never use again for one installation.

Reason 2: Assistance

Shutter installation is often not a one-person job. You might get started on your own, but it is best to have a team to hand tools, hold shutters, and ensure a quality installation. Professional installers will bring all the help they need to get the job done right.

Reason 3: Assurance

When you have a professional install your shutters, you can rest assured that the job is done right. If anything goes wrong and your shutters are not properly installed, they are liable to fix it for you free of charge. If you install something wrong yourself, you are out of luck and have to pay for the changes yourself.

Reason 4: Time Saver

Installing shutters is not something you do on a daily basis, but professionals do. You might think the task will take a short amount of time until you start making the attempt. Professionals can get the shutters on your house for you and take all of the time efforts off your hand. They are experts in the installation field and can work both fast and effectively.

Reason 5: Safety

You never want an accident to happen in your home, but you never know what is going to happen when you take on a home improvement project yourself. Installing shutters might mean using tools, standing on ladders, and putting yourself in other dangerous situations. Professionals are used to these dangers and operate in a safer manner because they are good at what they do. Plus, licensed companies carry full insurance so if accidents do happen, the company covers it, not you.

When you are ready to have shutters installed on the interior or exterior of your home in Los Altos, call San Francisco Shutters. We can be reached at 877-948-0267. We are located at 1676 Gilbreth Road in Burlingame, CA. We aim to help you find the right shutters for your home that will give you versatility, functionality, and beauty all at the same time. Shutters can be the perfect accent to any home and we have a wide variety of options from which to choose. Give us a call today and we won’t stop until you are happy with the installation and style of your new shutters.

Shutter Styles To Consider

If you are considering adding shutters to your home in Palo Alto, there are a number of different shutter styles to consider. Looking through your options can start to feel overwhelming since there are so many things to go over. As you start to sift through the information at hand, keep these eight basic shutter styles in mind. If you can choose one basic style to go after, the rest will fall into place easier.

  1. Louvered (exterior)

Exterior, louvered window shutters have overlapping slats that are uniformly set into a frame. They are popular with many different styles of houses and they can give the house a contrasting paint color that sets them off and brings the style level of the home up. They can also be stained to portray a natural look so they can simply blend in.

  1. Raised Panel (exterior)

These shutters are decorative in nature and often coordinate with window boxes nearby in order to give the home a formal, garden style. Darker paint can act as a dramatic contrast to the house color while lighter colors can accent the existing scheme. These shutters are generally not meant to close over the windows. They are decorations to accentuate a home’s appeal.

  1. Board and Batten (exterior)

You can get these shutters with an arch-top or in a square style so they join in the middle. The construction is made up of individual boards that are joined by shorter cross pieces, called battens. The curved versions work well on windows that have a curved top.

  1. Shaker Style (interior)

This style has flat, solid panels that can block out the bright Palo Alto sun, bad weather, noise and anything else. They are functional and simple and are often painted to blend into the room.

  1. Plantation (exterior)

If you like a southern look, this laid-back style works well. The exterior shutters have wide louvers that you can open and close in order to let in the warm California breezes or keep out the storms.

  1. Café (interior)

Shutters of this nature are popular in French cafes. They are louvered and cover only the bottom half of the window. They allow privacy to a room, but they also let natural light in from the top half of the window.

  1. California (interior)

These shutters have wide horizontal slats made from wood. They are similar to Plantation shutters, but they are used on the inside. They can help filter out the bright Palo Alto sun on hot days.

  1. Combination (exterior)

Combination shutters combine two or more styles to create a new style. They can give the home a customized, one of a kind look that reflects personal style.

When it comes to your Palo Alto shutters, there are a lot of options. San Francisco Shutters is here to help you go through the choices and make the right decisions based on function and beauty. We are located at 1676 Gilbreth Road in Burlingame, CA. We could love for you to give us a call today at 877-948-0267 to start the process.

Interior vs. Exterior Shutters

If you are considering adding shutters to your home, the first decision you need to make it whether you will use interior or exterior shutters. When you think about shutters, exterior shutters are generally what come to mind. But there are many interior options that are gaining popularity with homeowners as well. Examine the pros and cons of each type of shutter so you can make the right decision for your home.

Interior Shutters

San Carlos is a sunny region of the country. It is nice to be able to use window covering options in order to shut the intense sunlight out at times and use less energy cooling the home. Some homeowners utilize interior shutters as a window covering instead of an exterior decoration. Look through the following items and check off the things that pertain to you and your home.

Interior Shutters are…

-Finishing touches on Georgian homes.

-Protected from the San Carlos elements like the harsh sunlight, rain, and high winds.

-Easy to maintain due to their proximity and the fact that they do not deteriorate as quickly.

-Long lasting elements that do not often have to be replaced.

-Versatile with customizable options such as louvers to control the amount of light and noise that come in while allowing for ventilation when windows are open.

-Work well in the warm, San Carlos climates and give a Mediterranean look and feel.

-Option-providers that include full solid panel shutters for indoor use, traditional finishes, or louvered combinations.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are common house dressing items that are often made to measure to fit each individual window to perfection. They come in a wide variety of materials including hardwood, plastic and more. Some homes cry out for exterior shutters as a finishing touch. If you are considering installing exterior shutters in San Carlos, think through these elements.

Exterior Shutters are…

-Popular in homes that look as if they are sitting in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are a great source of style to the exterior of a home and can be used to bring a new color façade to the house.

-Protection against extreme weather conditions that can hit San Carlos. Some exterior shutters are nailed into place and are used for looks only. Others can be opened and closed and those can fold over windows and protect the home against strong winds and storms.

-Extra security that can deter burglars and those who might want to peek into the home.

-Available in a range of styles and materials that go from solid boards to batten shutters. They can include fixed louvers or louvers that open and close.

-Increase the curb appeal of a home to give it better aesthetics.

So which is better…exterior shutters or interior shutters? Your window covering choices are up to you and now that you have more information on both, you can make an informed decision. As you think through the options, contact San Francisco Shutters at 877-948-0267. We can help find the right shutters for your home and combine beauty with versatility. We are located at 1676 Gilbreth Road in Burlingame, CA and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about shutters for your home.