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How Do Cordless Shades Work?

When you think about window shades in San Jose, CA, do cords come to mind? Most blinds and shades have cords and they dangle when they are between uses. However, those cords aren’t aesthetically pleasing, and they can be downright dangerous if you have pets or children. The good news is, shades don’t really have to have cords. They’re the norm, but you can use cordless functions to get the safety and appearance you want. Here are some details to help you understand whether or not you want this option for your new window coverings.

Instead of having cords on the outside of the shades, more cordless shades have the cords on the inside. They have to hang by something, but instead of pulling the cord to lift the shade, there’s a pulley function incised. You could press and hold a button to tense the strings and then just push the shades up. Once you let go, the string takes over and locks them into place. Some are even easier and just allow you to lift the shades up to the height you want and then leave it there. When you want to pull it down, you just pull it and that’s it. There are others that you pull down slightly to release the tension and then they will raise.

Having cordless shades is safer for homes with pets and children, but it also gives a house a more streamlined look. If you want your home to look a certain way or have a clean, sleek appearance, it’s a nice way to go. Cordless shades aren’t inconsistent, and they allow you to give your house the aesthetic you want it to have.

Keep in mind that not all cordless shades work the same. When you ask for cordless options, make sure you understand how those options work so you know the functions and whether or not you will be happy with them in the end. It’s best to test some of the options out to see what you like the best and then get the one that will operate in your home the way you like.

If you are interested in window shades in San Jose, CA, with or without cords, contact the professionals at San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We can set up an appointment with you to talk over the options that would work best in your home and with your lifestyle. Not all shades have cordless options, but many today do and we can help you find the best fit. You’re welcome to stop by our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 to take a look at choices so you know what works and what doesn’t. Seeing things in person can help you figure out what styles look the best up close and what you like for your house. We can also help you walk through choices on light filtering, efficiency, and colors, along other details that are important to the overall outcome of the project.

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Taking Advantage Of Automatic Window Shades

There are technological advancements in any industry and San Francisco, CA window shades are no different. If you’ve had shades on windows in the past, you know how they operate. But having shades that are automatic is a different story. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of automatic, motorized window shades in your home.

Save Energy

You’ve probably been in your home long enough to know when the sunny parts of the day hit and when you like to let the natural light shine through. You can actually program some automatic window shades to open and close at certain times of the day. Have them remain closed when you are sleeping and when you are at work and open them in the morning and when you come home in the evening. When they are closed and you aren’t home anyway, you can save energy on your bills with their extra insulation.

Make Things Easier

There’s no need to mess with cords or get up to open or clothes shades any longer. When you have motorized shades, you can close them with the touch of a button. You can even put an app on your phone so you can open and close them from anywhere. That’s nice when you’re on vacation and want to make it look like someone’s home so no one stalks your house as an easy target.

Maintain Them Simply

Cords can get tangled and they’re also a hazard to kids and pets. When something gets stuck in it or they get pulled wrong, they can easily break and then you have to figure out a new way to raise and lower your shades. With automatic shaded with motorized capabilities, you don’t have those repair needs—ever. The up and down is easy and your maintenance is nonexistent.

Raising Value With Convenient Shades

Your home will be more valuable once you have motorized shades installed. If you sell your house in the future, it will be worth more because buyers know those types of shades are useful, energy efficient, and easy to operate. They are willing to pay more for your house to get them already installed and ready to use.

If you like the idea of motorized San Francisco, CA window shades, it certainly never hurts to look into the options. The professionals at San Francisco Shutters are here to help you look through them and analyze the right choices for you. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 and we’ll do what we can to answer your questions. We can get you set up with a free consultation to talk through the basics or get into the details. You can also visit our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010 to get more ideas and ask us questions in person. It can also really help to see the options and start imagining them on your home.

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When Are Window Shutters The Right Fit?

It’s hard to choose the right window coverings for your home because there are so many options available. Do you want San Francisco, CA window shutters? Or are shades or even blinds a better fit? Here are a few instances in which shutters fit into your home well.

You Want Clean Lines

No matter what your home style is, if you want your window coverings to blend in with clean, streamlined lines, you can get that with shutters. Shutters are straightforward and can be just what you want in any room. You can make them any color that will fit in and they won’t stand out as something wild and outlandish. They are classic in appeal and will last a long time, never going out of style.

You’d Like High-Quality Options

Window coverings have a lot of different quality options. Mini blinds aren’t very high in quality, but shutters, on the other hand, are. They last forever and are a permanent fixture in the home. That’s why they’re high in value and will raise the value of your home at the same time. You want something that will be worth your investment and shutters are just that.

Versatile Needs Are Apparent

There are some rooms of the house that need privacy and others that need light filtering. You probably want energy efficiency in every room. That might call for a variety of different window coverings…unless you choose shutters. When you get window shutters, they can take care of any of those versatile needs with just the one window covering. No matter where you place them, they can cover your needs, whether they’re all the same or are rather versatile.

You Never Want To Replace Them

Replacing window coverings can be fun, but it’s not something most homeowners want to do very often, if ever. If you’d like to find the perfect window coverings, install them, and then never worry about them again, then window coverings are most definitely the right option. The right shutters can exist in your house long-term without the need to replace them in any way. That adds value to your home and saves you money in repairs and replacements later on.

When you are ready to admit that San Francisco, CA window shutters are the right thing for your home, contact the experts at San Francisco Shutters. We can talk you through the options and evaluate which shutters are the best fit for your needs. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 and we can answer your questions or set you up with a free consultation with no obligations. We want you to have the information you need to make the right decisions for your home. You can also visit our store at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010 to see examples, ask questions, and get the details you need to move forward with the project. Our website is also available to you and a good resource and starting place.

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Dressing Your Window

It sounds like a strange concept, but many people like to ‘dress’ their windows after they are installed. Another term for this is ‘window covering.’ Windows are ‘dressed’ or ‘covered’ to give them a finished look and to provide you with the privacy and light filtering you might need in certain situations. When you get San Francisco, CA windows and want to dress them, these are some of the options you might consider.

Plain, Beautiful Shutters

Window shutters are beautiful, permanent fixtures that can really enhance any window. They give value and functionality to any room and can provide that finished look at the same time. When you put in shutters, it’s a cost, but it’s more of an investment. You know you’ll get that money back when you sell the home and when you close them up, you can save on energy bills as well. Shutters have a classic appeal that offer your windows a beautiful edge that they don’t have when they are plain. Plus, you can filter the light any way you’d like. Close the shutters up to block the light or direct the slats different ways to get what you need.


Some people like to add gauzy sheers on top of their shutters or other window coverings. The sheer curtains add a layer of privacy since they are hard to see through. They also filter the light so you can get a more muted natural light into your home. You can still see out, but it’s harder for others to see in. The sheers aren’t heavy like curtains or drapes, but they’re something and they can add a finishing touch to certain windows.


Valances aren’t really window coverings, but they do dress up a window nicely and can add a splash of color and style to the room. These curtain-like materials hang above the window and don’t cover much outside of perhaps the top portion of the window. They make the window look finished and can fit it into the room by adding colors or bringing a room together with a lot of colors, drawn together in the valance.

These are a few ways to finish San Francisco, CA windows with the right covering. You want to get that dressed, finished look on the window while giving yourself the right privacy, the right light filtering, and other such options. You might find that you need different things in different rooms of the house or perhaps window shutters will work great in every space. When you’re sure of what you want, or if you want to look through ideas, contact San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We’ll answer questions for you, point you in the right direction, or set you up with a free consultation. You can also stop by our showroom for information or a tour of options at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010. Our friendly representatives are happy to help you in any way they can.

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What Window Covering Is Worth The Most?

If you have to take on the job of getting new San Francisco, CA window coverings, it’s a big undertaking. You’ll want to find something that suits your home in every way and that gives you the functionality and versatility you need in certain spaces. You also probably want to have value in your window coverings so you don’t have to replace them soon and so that your home will be worth more if you sell it in the future. Here are a few things that can help you figure out how much your window coverings will be worth and which is the best fit based on their worth.

Matching Your Home’s Style

Window coverings will be worth more within your home if they match the overall style you have in your house. If you have a modern style going, for example, putting in big, heavy drapes with lots of patterns and frills is not going to work well for you. Instead, you need something streamlined and simple with straightforward lines. Once you find a good match for your home’s style, you can judge the window covering options based on their overall value and worth.

The Durability Of The Window Covering

Window coverings are often worth more if they last longer. Mini blinds are versatile and can fit in with a number of home styles and needs, but they also don’t last nearly as long as shutters or shades. IF you want something that is valuable and worth more than other options, you’ll go with something that is durable and long-lasting so it’ll be a long time before it has to be replaced.

Make It A Fixture

Window coverings come and go and you can switch them out with enough ease. However, the window coverings that are worth the most are those that become a fixture of your home. Shutters, for example, are permanent window coverings that are attached to your window frames, either inside or outside of the frame. They aren’t something you just replace. They’re permanent and don’t have a lifespan at all.

Consider Classic Styles

Window coverings, like anything else, have trends that come and go. In order to get something that is on trend, but also won’t go out of style any time soon, you need a classic fit. Consider colors that never go out of style (white, natural wood, and other neutrals) and remember that window coverings like shutters are classic in style and function.

You want your home to be in the best possible shape, all the way down to the new San Francisco, CA window coverings you get. When you’re ready to decide, contact San Francisco Shutters to make your choices come to life within your windows. You can call us at (650) 552-9020 to get advice or you can stop by and see some of the options we have available at 1676 Gilbreth Rd Burlingame, CA 94010. We want your home to have value in the window coverings you choose.

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Choosing Just The Right Window Shutters

Plantation shutters can enhance any home and give you the privacy you want at some times and the natural light you want at others. They provide energy efficiency and other details as well. However, there are a lot of different styles on the market when you are thinking about Saratoga, CA window shutters. Keep these things in mind as you narrow down the options to just the right choices for your family.

Panel Styles

Plantation window shutters come in different styles. Full shutters will cover the whole window and open one way while double hung have top and bottom shutters for more versatility in light control. You could open just the top or just the bottom, for example. Café style shutters cover just half the window, which allows you to leave the top half completely unobstructed at all times.

Material Options

You can also get a wide variety of different materials in the shutters you choose. You could get wood, which is a warm, elegant choice that suits many homes. You could also get vinyl, which is durable and has high insulating qualities as well. There are benefits for any material on the market so you will need to look into the details of each and decide what’s best for your home.

Louver Sizes

The louvers are the horizontal slats that make the planation shutters so popular and there are different sizes to consider. The size impacts the amount of light you can let into the home form the window. Larger louvers, like 4.5 inches, give you a clear view and plenty of light. Smaller louver sizes are better for smaller windows. The louver size is important to the overall style of the window and the room.

Tilt Rod Choices

In order to operate the louvers, you will need a tilt rod of some kind, but again, there are options. The standard, hidden, off-set tilt rod are common, but there are also tilt rods that are in plain view, right in the center. That is a convenient option as well. Hidden rods are out of side behind the louvers so they won’t show and impede your view. And off-set tilt rods are off to the side.

Color Decisions

There are several different colors from which to choose and you want to get something that will complement the color scheme you have going in that room of the house to provide the right aesthetic effect. Take color choices home with you and inspect them with care in the natural lighting of your home at several different times of the day.

When you’re ready to look at Saratoga, CA window shutters, contact the professionals at San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We can answer your questions by phone and set you up with a free consultation appointment to help you get more details in place. You can also visit with us in person as you browse some of the selections we offer in our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010.

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Keeping Your Window Shutters Looking Nice

There are plenty of things you will love about your windows shutters in Mountain View, CA once you have them installed. They look great and they save you money on your energy bills. Plus, they’re permanent window coverings so they don’t ever have to be replaced. While all that is true, you will also want to take good care of your shutters to keep them looking like new. Here are a few things to protect your investment to make your shutters look great in every season of the year.

Combat Dirt

Shutters might get dirty from time to time. If you have shutters in the kitchen, for example, who knows what might get splattered on them. Dust can also accumulate and turn into dirt if it gets damp. All you really need to do to get rid of dirt is wipe the shutters down on occasion. If a dry cloth doesn’t work, use a mild soap and water and then thoroughly dry them off when you are done. Your shutters will be able to withstand a lot over the years if you care for them well.

Get Rid Of Dust

Shutters don’t attract dust the same way other window treatments do, but they will still get dust on occasion. Like with dirt, you will just need to clean them off on occasion. Simply use a dust wand over them or a soft cloth when you are dusting other things. You can also vacuum them with a soft brush attachment if that’s easier. Get in the habit of doing that as you dust other things and they will stay in great shape.


The sun has a way of fading things, especially when it hits things directly often like window shutters. You don’t want your shutters to lose their appeal from fading. If you get wood shutters, you can refinish them whenever you’d like and even change the color over the years, if you want something different. You can also use preventative measures like regular cleaning to make sure the fading doesn’t happen fast, or at all. If you get new windows at some point, make sure they have a low-E coating on them to completely protect your window shutters for the long haul.

If you are ready to learn more about maintenance on windows shutters in Mountain View, CA, or if you want to have some installed, contact the professionals at San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We’re here to help in any way we can. We’d love to go over options with you and we can even come to your home, measure, and offer specific advice as pertains to your circumstances. You can also come to our showroom and have a look around. It’s a good place to start by browsing and figuring out your preferences. We’re located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’re available to show you around and answer your questions as you start the process of making exciting decisions for your home.

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Window Shutters Are The Elegant Window Treatment Answer

There are so many different window treatments on the market that it can be hard to decide which direction to go. While mini blinds can do the job of filtering light and giving your privacy, they lack something in the elegance department. If you are looking for functionality as well as beauty, San Jose, CA window shutters may be the answer you are looking to find.

Window shutters have a lot of attractive attributes. They are a window treatment that can blend into and enhance any décor. They provide insulating qualities and are child and pet safe. Plus, they’ll even raise the value or your home. There aren’t many other window treatments that can claim all of those things at once.

Shutters have been around for a long time, but they’re something that just doesn’t go out of style. They have a timeless, classic beauty to them that can fit in both now and well into the future. Shutters are customized for each home that installs them and for every window within that home. They can be ordered with different louver sizes so you can get just the right amount of light control at any time.

Window shutters are permanent fixtures in the home. You want to be sure about every aspect before the installation because these are the last window treatments you will ever buy. Take your time in deciding things like color, louver size, inside or outside frame mounts and more. Your professionals can guide you through the decisions and make sure you have all of the information you need to make informed choices.

While there are plenty of window treatments that waft in and out of style, window shutters are not one of them. Since they are a permanent fixture on your home, you want them to be something that will stay in style, right? It only makes sense. And you don’t have to worry about their style being something that will be on the ‘out’ list next year. They’ve been on the stylish lists for a long time and there’s no end in sight. They add a warm elegance to any room and bring extra value to a house at the same time.

If you are thinking about getting new window treatments, there’s no shortage for options. However, San Jose, CA window shutters are an elegant answer to you wanting to get something both functional and beautiful. If you’re ready to start the project, great! Contact San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020 for ideas and details. We can set up a consultation with you and get started on recommendations, measurements, and options. If you aren’t sure what direction you want to go yet, stop by our showroom at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and browse around. You might run across the perfect elements right here in our store or you might start to figure out what you like and what you don’t like so you can create your own options.

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Can Window Shutters Sell A Home Faster?

There are many attractive elements in a house that can make it sell faster. If you are about to move, your realtor will suggest certain staging things to make your home look larger and more attractive. If your house features any wacky colors that perhaps you love, they might suggest painting a fresh coat of something more neutral. The window treatments in your home can also make a difference as to how fast your house sells. If you install Los Gatos, CA window shutters, you may see a faster home sale than you would otherwise. Here are a few reasons why:

The Insulating Qualities

Home buyers can look past older window treatments, but they might know that they have a project to take on if they don’t like the blinds, shades, or drapes you have up. Those little aesthetic things can go a long way. Plus, when you have window shutters instead of other options, potential buyers know what that means, and your realtor will likely point it out. When the shutters are closed, that’s just another layer of insulation for the home. If they close the shutters overnight and whenever they aren’t home and possibly other times, they can save some serious money on their energy bills. Having that option for insulation on a home is very attractive to many buyers.

The Elegant Appeal

Before buyers get into the details behind the house, they will have to get past the appearance. While some are willing to look past peeling paint and bent mini blinds, others are not. And even those that do are probably going to offer a lower price on the house since they will want to fix those things. Window shutters give a home a polished, finished look and an elegant appeal. It’s a great way to catch the buyer’s eye as soon as they walk in the front door—and hold it through each room of the house.

The Higher Value

When you place window shutters on your home just before you sell, you might think it is a waste of money. After all, it’s an investment and if you aren’t going to live there much longer, it’s one you don’t get to enjoy for very long. However, home buyers recognize the value in window shutters. They know they are worth the extra cost and they are willing to pay more for your house because of it. You end up getting your investment back and selling the house faster.

If you are about to move and you want to find a few ways to spruce your house up so buyers will really want it badly, contact San Francisco Shutters about potentially installing Los Gatos, CA window shutters. Give us a call at (650) 552-9020 to get into some details or to set up a consultation appointment. You can also stop by our showroom and have a look at the attractive options we offer. We’re located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’re here to show you around.

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Simplifying Windows With Window Shutters

Windows do a lot for any home, but they also have to be covered. If you want your windows to have versatility, light filtering, ventilation, and other options, it’s nice to have variety in your coverings. However, placing curtains over mini blinds or room darkening shades under sheer shades can be cumbersome on any window. Instead of layering covering over covering, use Saratoga, CA window shutters to simplify your windows.

Window coverings that mount on the inside of the window frame, like window shutters, keep your windows minimal and crisp with a smooth, streamlined look. They aren’t overbearing in the room and they never look like ‘too much’ like other options might. Plus, with just one covering, you don’t have an overdone look that can look like a lot in the space.

If you want your windows to look simple and modern, you can go with a neutral shade or tone on your window shutters. White is one of the most popular options, but any lighter wood color will work as well. The neutral tones give the covering a sense of calm that can mellow any room and enhance the overall look of the space.

Since window shutters are a customized look, they will fit your windows exactly, giving them an even more blended, simple appeal. They won’t take over the whole wall or look way too small for the windows—they’ll fit just right. Their classic look fits into any home and can also stand out as a popular design aspect.

It’s all about convenience in today’s society and you can give yourself a simplified version of convenience with window shutters on your windows. You get all of the functions you want, for example, with just one window covering. Window shutters can, for example, completely block out the light or completely let it all in. They can also filter light in certain directions and give privacy. For an added bonus, window shutters insulate the home and add energy efficiency elements to your house. They can save you money on your energy bills and help you pay yourself back for the initial investment.

If you like the idea of something simple, yet also something classic and traditional, Saratoga, CA window shutters might be a good fit for your home. These subtle window treatments can give you all the natural light you want or create a serene spot of solace in a fashionable way, depending on what you need that day. If you want to look into the options, contact San Francisco Shutters by calling (650) 552-9020. We can answer your questions over the phone or set up a time for you to come in and have a free consultation with our experts. Our showroom is located at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010 and we’d love to show you around, get to know you, and align your style and goals with the perfect window shutters. We’re here to help every step of the way, whatever you need to find the right fit.