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Upgrading Your Los Altos Home With New Wood Shutters

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This goes without saying: wood shutters are beautiful. They add elegance and sophistication to your home. But, aesthetics are not everything; especially with regard to home renovations and upgrades. Further, if you have an ultra-pragmatic spouse/partner, an addition to your home of any kind will need more than, “sweetie—wood shutters are so beautiful!”

Let me help you out, as I have experience in being married to the logical type and know you and your spouse/partner will be thrilled with our team at San Francisco Shutters. We have decades of experience and are committed to ensuring the highest quality work and satisfaction.

Below is a bullet-proof guide to convincing your spouse/partner of your home’s need for wood shutters.

  1. TIP #1: Value and Curb Appeal
    Just as a newly paved driveway and manicured yard raises the value of your home, as do wood shutters. Whether you are preparing to place your home on the Los Altos market or wanting to raise the equity in your home for future security (think: economy fluctuations and your home equity), adding high quality Los Altos CA wood shutters is one of the least costly, yet highly effective ways to accomplish this.). Sure, there are many materials shutters come in (and San Francisco Shutters can discuss all of these with you), but authentic wood shutters add the greatest value. And, as we grow with our homes, the importance of upgrading the furnishings and window treatments grows, as well (albeit, for most of us, this is a slow and steady process).
  1. TIP #2: Privacy and Security
    Here’s a winning argument for the privacy-conscious spouse: aside from an unsightly set of blackout curtains, there are no other window coverings which provide complete privacy as shutters. In addition, closed and secured shutters are another layer to break-through, should an intruder come poking around.
    (Note: if your spouse suggests another material as an alternate option, refer to TIP #1 regarding the value authentic wood shutters provide!)
  2. TIP #3: Protection from Extreme Weather 
    This may not apply in every area of the country, but here in Los Altos we do, occasionally, experience extreme weather. Wood shutters provide peace of mind! They are a naturally shatter-resistant layer of protection for your family during severe storms and could even save you thousands in damages should a hellacious storm strike your neck of the woods.
  3. TIP #4: Aesthetics
    I know, I did say this cannot be your only reason for considering shutters for your home but it is, in fact, a compelling one. After strategically explaining to your (logical) spouse TIPS #1-3, aesthetics can be introduced as a bonus. Shutters add “pop” and contrast to your home, in much the same way as adding jewelry to your body or spoilers and rims to your car (use the metaphor most appropriate for your husband/wife). Shutters are added personality, versatility, and beauty: the perfect accent to your home.

Give us a call. We cannot wait to make your Los Altos home beautiful with our wood shutters!

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