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Shutter Styles To Consider

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If you are considering adding shutters to your home in Palo Alto, there are a number of different shutter styles to consider. Looking through your options can start to feel overwhelming since there are so many things to go over. As you start to sift through the information at hand, keep these eight basic shutter styles in mind. If you can choose one basic style to go after, the rest will fall into place easier.

  1. Louvered (exterior)

Exterior, louvered window shutters have overlapping slats that are uniformly set into a frame. They are popular with many different styles of houses and they can give the house a contrasting paint color that sets them off and brings the style level of the home up. They can also be stained to portray a natural look so they can simply blend in.

  1. Raised Panel (exterior)

These shutters are decorative in nature and often coordinate with window boxes nearby in order to give the home a formal, garden style. Darker paint can act as a dramatic contrast to the house color while lighter colors can accent the existing scheme. These shutters are generally not meant to close over the windows. They are decorations to accentuate a home’s appeal.

  1. Board and Batten (exterior)

You can get these shutters with an arch-top or in a square style so they join in the middle. The construction is made up of individual boards that are joined by shorter cross pieces, called battens. The curved versions work well on windows that have a curved top.

  1. Shaker Style (interior)

This style has flat, solid panels that can block out the bright Palo Alto sun, bad weather, noise and anything else. They are functional and simple and are often painted to blend into the room.

  1. Plantation (exterior)

If you like a southern look, this laid-back style works well. The exterior shutters have wide louvers that you can open and close in order to let in the warm California breezes or keep out the storms.

  1. Café (interior)

Shutters of this nature are popular in French cafes. They are louvered and cover only the bottom half of the window. They allow privacy to a room, but they also let natural light in from the top half of the window.

  1. California (interior)

These shutters have wide horizontal slats made from wood. They are similar to Plantation shutters, but they are used on the inside. They can help filter out the bright Palo Alto sun on hot days.

  1. Combination (exterior)

Combination shutters combine two or more styles to create a new style. They can give the home a customized, one of a kind look that reflects personal style.

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