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Recognizing the Characteristics of Quality Exterior Wood Shutters

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Exterior wood shutters are the ideal way to add functionality and curb appeal to your Los Altos home. While there are a number of shutter materials currently available on the market, wooden exterior shutters in Los Gatos, CA give homeowners the option of staining and painting their shutters to match their homes design needs. While practically all wood exterior shutters are remarkably customizable, there are some factors that are important to keep in mind while shopping for quality exterior wood shutters.

The Finish

If you have no plans of customizing your shutters, then it’s important to pay special attention to potential shutter finishes that are available. Choose colors that complement the exterior of your home or match your moldings or flooring while still showcasing the character of your house. While white and cream are currently the most popular color options, bold colors like red or navy blue make a lasting first impression.

The Size of Your Window

If you are working with windows that aren’t the standard size, it’s important to ensure the shutters you like are available for custom orders. Have a professional gather precise measurements on the dimensions of your window to ensure a professional installation job from start to finish.

Consider the Amount of Privacy You’d Like

Some wooden exterior shutters only close to a certain extent. It’s important to consider the amount of privacy you’re looking to have in your home while shopping for your shutters so you can confirm that the model you’re interested in is capable of suiting those needs.

Consider the Amount of Maintenance

All shutters require some level of maintenance at one point or another. How difficult it is to follow through on that maintenance is dependent upon the style of shutters you are looking for. Choose shutters that are notably low-maintenance and require little more than the occasional wiping down with a damp cloth.

Consider Safety

Some exterior shutters come with an interior locking system that helps protect your home from outside threats, harsh weather, and keeps children safe from falling out if they lean on the shutters.

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