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Practical Advantages of Window Shutters

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Exterior and interior shutters are more than just a pretty design choice. While these architectural elements do draw the eye, they also serve several purposes in San Carlos, CA. Some of these functions include protection, privacy, and light control.

What are Shutters?

Unlike draperies and blinds, window shutters are solid window coverings. They can be mounted inside or around the window frame, on both the inside or outside of your home. Most often shutters have louvers or slats you can control with a tilt rod. However, some window shutters are solid panels you can open to either side of the window. Shutters originated in Greece and were most popular in Mediterranean countries. But in the 18th and 19th centuries they became popular in the United States and are still highly desirable today.

Benefits of Modern Window Shutters

Here are four of the leading advantages shutters can offer:

Light Control

Versatility is one of the leading benefits you will find with installing new shutters. You can open or close shutters as much as you like. By tilting the shutters to the right angle, you have complete control over the natural light allowed into your home. Want to block out the light in a nursery or theater room? Shutters can snap shut and black out light better than most blinds and shades. In contrast, the wider slats allow more natural light into your home, specifically with Plantation shutters. Shutters also operate independent of one another. You can open one side, and leave the other closed if you choose. You can even let in fresh air while keeping the sunlight out, something that cannot be achieved in the same way with draperies.


During colder months, quality shutters help insulate your home, keeping the colder out better than most curtains or blinds. The quality material used in modern shutters provides that extra layer or protection that can help reduce your energy expenses. Shutters also help keep out unwanted heat during the summer months.


In Ancient Greece shutters were initially made of marble. You can imagine the type of protection you would achieve but also see how difficult they would be to maneuver. Fortunately, when woodworkers honed their craft, shutters became even more practical. They still provided protection against the outdoor elements and intruders, but were also easier to operate. The same stands for modern day shutters. They come in a variety of materials including natural wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum.

Easy Maintenance

Fortunately most shutters are not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain. Composite, vinyl, and aluminum shutters require little work to keep them looking great. Wood shutters take a little more maintenance, but still the slats are easy to clean. On the inside you can simply use a vacuum and a soft brush attachment to clear away dust and dirt. On exterior shutters you can choose to use a hose or power washer.

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