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Interior vs. Exterior Shutters

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If you are considering adding shutters to your home, the first decision you need to make it whether you will use interior or exterior shutters. When you think about shutters, exterior shutters are generally what come to mind. But there are many interior options that are gaining popularity with homeowners as well. Examine the pros and cons of each type of shutter so you can make the right decision for your home.

Interior Shutters

San Carlos is a sunny region of the country. It is nice to be able to use window covering options in order to shut the intense sunlight out at times and use less energy cooling the home. Some homeowners utilize interior shutters as a window covering instead of an exterior decoration. Look through the following items and check off the things that pertain to you and your home.

Interior Shutters are…

-Finishing touches on Georgian homes.

-Protected from the San Carlos elements like the harsh sunlight, rain, and high winds.

-Easy to maintain due to their proximity and the fact that they do not deteriorate as quickly.

-Long lasting elements that do not often have to be replaced.

-Versatile with customizable options such as louvers to control the amount of light and noise that come in while allowing for ventilation when windows are open.

-Work well in the warm, San Carlos climates and give a Mediterranean look and feel.

-Option-providers that include full solid panel shutters for indoor use, traditional finishes, or louvered combinations.

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters are common house dressing items that are often made to measure to fit each individual window to perfection. They come in a wide variety of materials including hardwood, plastic and more. Some homes cry out for exterior shutters as a finishing touch. If you are considering installing exterior shutters in San Carlos, think through these elements.

Exterior Shutters are…

-Popular in homes that look as if they are sitting in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are a great source of style to the exterior of a home and can be used to bring a new color façade to the house.

-Protection against extreme weather conditions that can hit San Carlos. Some exterior shutters are nailed into place and are used for looks only. Others can be opened and closed and those can fold over windows and protect the home against strong winds and storms.

-Extra security that can deter burglars and those who might want to peek into the home.

-Available in a range of styles and materials that go from solid boards to batten shutters. They can include fixed louvers or louvers that open and close.

-Increase the curb appeal of a home to give it better aesthetics.

So which is better…exterior shutters or interior shutters? Your window covering choices are up to you and now that you have more information on both, you can make an informed decision. As you think through the options, contact San Francisco Shutters at 877-948-0267. We can help find the right shutters for your home and combine beauty with versatility. We are located at 1676 Gilbreth Road in Burlingame, CA and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about shutters for your home.