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Window Shutters For Your Burlingame Home

For those homeowners who have bay or bow windows, you already know the benefits that these windows can offer any room in the home. Bay and bow windows offer beauty and functionality and can help add more light into any room in your home. For your Burlingame home, bay windows can even create the illusion of an extra room because of their design feature.

In order to enhance the look and feel of these windows in your home, the type of window coverings you choose will make all the difference in the world. You could choose from basic blinds, and these are easy to install, but they will not control light or offer secure privacy in the same way that wood shutters will.

Curtains or other drapes are also limited when it comes to bay windows. This is due to the shape and style of these windows in your home. Curtain rods are generally designed to be affixed to the outside of the window frame. By using standard curtains or drapery over bay or bow windows, you will essentially block out and negate the look of these windows, thus eliminating the value of having them in the first place.

By using wood shutters to cover these bay and bow windows in your home, you can actually not only improve the aesthetic value of your home, but you could also increase the monetary or assessed value as well. Let us tell you how you can accomplish this simply by choosing wood interior shutters over any other type of window covering.

Various Styles

The style of window covering that you choose will have a direct impact on how you feel when you sit in that room. It will also have a direct impact on the value of your home. Standard blinds or shades only offer basic control of some amount of light and privacy coming into your home. Even blinds that you invest a considerable amount of money on will not do anything to enhance the value of your home. This is because they are not considered permanent solutions but are more ideally temporary or short term window coverings.

Draperies and curtains can enhance a room, but most people have different ideas of what is considered appealing. All we need to do is look to the art world and understand that what one person considers exquisite, another person considers tasteless. Just because you invested several thousand dollars in draperies and believe that they are incredible, they will not enhance the value of your Burlingame home. That is because, odds are the next homeowner will want to replace them as soon as they move in.

However, wood shutters are timeless. They are durable, simple, and can be painted to any color that a homeowner wants. When you use wood interior shutters to cover your bay or bow windows, they will be affixed as close to the glass pane as possible, which will allow you to use the shelf space more effectively.

Precise Fit

By relying on interior wood shutters to cover your bay or bow windows, you will be able to have a precise fit for those window coverings. While blinds and shades may be able to accomplish a similar fit, with natural wood shutters, they will appear as though they are designed with the window. In other words, wood shutters will appear seamless with your bay or bow windows.

Even if you have custom designed sizes of your windows, you can have wood shutters designed to fit them precisely. No longer will you need to look at gaps around your blinds or have to deal with the sun curving your window shades over time, exposing more of the window as time goes by. Thanks to wood shutters, your bay and bow windows will offer privacy and light control and be the perfect complement to any room in your home.

Range of Hardwoods

When you are considering interior shutters for your bay or bow windows, you may have a choice of various hardwoods to choose from, depending on the manufacturer and the company you purchase them from. You can choose from soft or hardwoods, but the heavier that the shutters are, the more they are going to wear down the hardware and components that make them work properly.

Choosing a soft wood will also subject the shutters to more potential warping over time. Whenever wood is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, there is an increased risk of cracking and warping. Consult a professional window shutter expert to find out what wood is ideal for shutters for your Burlingame home.

Aesthetically Appealing

The more aesthetically pleasing or appealing any window covering is, the more value it is going to add to the home. Most realtors will tell their clients who are selling a home that there are certain things they should do to increase the appeal of that house. One piece of advice is to de-clutter every room in the home. This is designed to provide more open space, making each room appear larger than it would if there were too many items of furniture congesting them.

Another piece of advice that realtors will offer is to remove or reduce window draperies or curtains. They will personally note that if there are wood shutters in the home, they actually enhance the appearance of each room of the house. The more that you can do to enhance the appearance of every room in your home, the more it will appeal to a wider range of potential home buyers.

There is no other type of window covering that can have the same impact on guests or potential homebuyers that wood shutters can have. Just because you have bay or bow windows in your home, that does not mean you have to live without any window coverings because you want to enjoy the benefits of those windows. Consider natural wood shutters for the bay or bow windows in your Burlingame home.

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