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Are Wood Shutters the Best Option?

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When looking at window coverings, you may quickly realize it’s a very subjective industry. Some companies will tell you that blinds are the absolute best you can do, while interior designers might want you to go with curtains or drapes. In reality, the final decision is all yours. Are wood shutters the best option for your home in Los Gatos? Only you can decide! The professionals at San Francisco Shutters absolutely love wood shutters! We want to share with you a few reasons why, and then you can decide if they are the best option for your home.

We love wood shutters because…

You can change them!

It’s nice to have a permanent fixture in your home like shutters. You don’t ever have to do anything to them if you don’t want to, other than dust them off on occasion. However, if you decide you’ve had enough of the natural wood look, you can change things up and paint the shutters. It’s nice not to be stuck with the same color, even if you don’t ever change the shutters out. They’re permanent and versatile!

They insulate so well!

There’s never such a thing as too much insulation. Even if you have high quality windows, you can also benefit from another layer of insulation. Wood shutters will do just that for you. Just make sure you close them at night or when the sun shines too hot. They will act as a buffer and another layer of insulation between you and the outside elements.

They’re timeless!

It’s hard to find a window covering that is in style now that will also be in style years from now. But wood shutters truly are! Wood shutters are warm and welcoming and give your home that natural appeal. That’s never going to get old. In fact, not only will they appeal to you and others in later years, but they will also raise the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

They fit in anywhere!

Another reason why wood shutters are so great is because they are versatile and you can choose the options for them yourself. In the end, that means you can make them fit in just about anywhere. Whether you have an older home or something with a modern style. It’s great to be able to have wood shutters that look nice with the style you already chose for the home.

So, what do you think? Do you love wood shutters in Los Gatos, CA like the professionals at San Francisco Shutters? Give us a call at 855-992-6739 and let’s talk over the options during a free consultation. You can also come see the wood shutters yourself at 1676 Gilbreth Road, Burlingame, CA 94010. We’re happy to show you around and point out the differences between the many options so you can make a final decision with no pressure from us. Your home is just that…yours. You get to make the choices from top to bottom!