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Are Shutters the Right Option?

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There are no two houses alike and though some houses may have similar styles, they might also feature different window coverings. Though shutters are wonderful in many Los Gatos, CA houses, they aren’t the perfect fit for every home. So when you are looking into new window coverings and are considering shutters, you might wonder if they are the right option for your home. Take a look at some of the details on plantation shutters to help yourself decide what you want to do.

Plantation shutters are a popular choice when it comes to kitchen window coverings.  You will need to know that you are shopping for custom shutters that are built for your windows rather than companies that cut stock panels down to fit. The prices are often very similar, but the way the shutters fit makes a huge difference.

Traditional shutters are not the same as plantation shutters. Traditional shutters have smaller, narrower louvers and are more often found in New England areas. They aren’t installed as often today because they don’t let in as much light and they block the view more when they are open.

The Spanish are credited for introducing the idea of shutters to America. The large plantation homes in the south had wider louvered shutters, which is why they are called plantation shutters. They were designed with narrow divider rails at first to control the top and bottom louvers separately.

Today, plantation shutters come in many different styles and louver sizes. The size you choose is up to you. The 2 ½ inch louver is the most traditional choice and works well in rooms with normal ceiling heights and average windows. If you have high ceilings, 3 ½ inch louvers often look nice.

When shopping for plantation shutters, there are a number of important features to look for and include. A custom shutter company will take measurements of your windows and build shutters to fit. The shutters will look custom built because of the location of the divider rail and their perfect fit.

Shutters with a divider rail that have double hung features are a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. They allow the lower louvers to close for privacy while the top louvers can be open for light and viewing. There are some rooms where you might only want a half shutter, like in the bathroom or kitchen. If you want constant light, but access to privacy, they are a good investment. However they often cost about as much as full shutters, so keep that in mind.

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