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25 Feb
Light Filtering Options With Window Shutters

Windows work wonders on a home. They make the house look stylish inside and out and they allow for ventilation on nice days. They can also bring in a lot of natural light, but in California, that can get a little too strong, at times. One easy way to filter light in a variety of...

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18 Feb
Window Shutters Or Curtains?

Mountain View, CA window shuttersor curtains can do a lot for your home. They can cut energy bills, block light, increase privacy, and decrease noise pollution. While you might know you need a window covering of some kind, which is right for you? There are no right or wrong answers, but comparing the two can...

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11 Feb
Decorating Around Window Shutters For The Best Results

Mountain View, CA window shutters are highly popular, and they bring a contemporary, streamlined look into the home. They can fit into pretty much any home style and allow the house versatile light filtering options with plenty of added energy efficiency. If you want to get window shutters, you can just leave them alone and they’ll look...

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04 Feb
Window Shutters: Yes Or No?

Most homeowners have certain feelings on certain materials and options in their home. While some love carpeting, others hate it with a passion and much prefer hardwood flooring. There are some individuals who want nothing but marble on their countertops and others who really prefer laminate. When it comes to window coverings, how do you...

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