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27 Aug
Hearing The Truth About Wood Shutters

You may feel like window coverings are a pretty easy topic to think through. After all, you can read about them, see them in person, and you’ve operated them yourself in your home for a number of years. But you may not know everything about certain window coverings, like wood shutters. And if you are...

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20 Aug
Choosing the Right Window Covering for Privacy in Saratoga, CA

Your home is your oasis and it’s where you go to relax and enjoy time with your family or on your own. If your home lacks privacy, you might feel like anyone walking past can see into your business. Before you start looking around for Saratoga, CA window covering options, keep a few privacy items in mind...

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13 Aug
Repair or Replace the Shutters on a Cupertino, CA home?

Did the person who lived in your home before you install shutters? Are those Cupertino, CA shutters a bit lacking in appearance? Some homes can endure shutters that last for a lifetime, but other homeowners are harder on their items. If the shutters are damaged or simply don’t go with your personal style, you might want to...

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06 Aug
Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Wood Shutters in Cupertino, CA

Are you shopping around for wood shutters in Cupertino, CA? As you may already know, there are plenty of options! While that can be a good thing, it can also be very overwhelming when you have to decide between them. There are also plenty of mistakes you could make along the way. Here are a...

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